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SLOconf 2023

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15 May 2023

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18 May 2023




SLOconf 2023 will be the third edition of the only conference focused entirely on service level objectives. With thousands of attendees and dozens of speakers every year, SLOconf is a truly unique experience that focuses on a "watch while you work" format. Entirely free for attendees, most talks can be watched on-demand and are only 5-10 minutes in length. This year SLOconf will also be a hybrid event, with local co-events planned for all over the world.

We welcome both experienced and first time speakers, and offer a coaching program to help you develop and record your talk. SLOconf is a great way to share your knowledge and experience with people from all over the globe!

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Call for Speakers
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01 Dec 2022

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06 Feb 2023

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SLOconf talks are intended to be recorded in a "watch while you work" format with a length of 5-10 minutes. Use this opportunity to share a story or something cool you've done or discovered about service level objectives.

While we welcome any and all talks about service level objectives, this year we're particularly interested in some of the following categories:

  • SLO Stories - Share your real-life experiences and your SLO journey. Think about how you got to where you are today, how you've used SLO data to help you make better decisions or reduce alert fatigue, or talk about struggles and failures you've endured while trying to get people on-board with SLOs.
  • SLO Math - What math, statistics, or probabilist models have you built or experimented with in order to better inform or understand your SLIs, SLOs, or error budgets?
  • SLOs and FinOps - SLOs have an amazing potential to be used to help your organization reduce costs, which is especially important in these uncertain economic times. How have you used SLOs to inform a better FinOps practice?
  • SLOs from Outside Tech - We would love to hear more stories about how people use SLO-based approaches for things beyond just measuring computer services. Have you used SLOs to help reduce ticket load on your team? Ensure they're taking enough vacation? Perhaps you work in an entirely unrelated industry, but see similarities to SLOs and your own practices. If so we'd love to hear about it!
  • Open Source SLOs - Are you involved with a cool open source project that features SLOs? We'd love to hear more about your projects -- be they processes, formalizations, SLO calculation tools, etc.

Any talks about service level objectives -- and all of the things that surround them -- are welcome! Our only restrictions are that they must centrally focus on SLOs, and vendor talks are strictly prohibited.