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snykCon 2020

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21 Oct 2020

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22 Oct 2020



Join Snyk in bringing together the world’s strongest community of DevSecOps thinkers, practitioners and leaders

SnykCon is a free 2-day multi-track event designed to bring together Snyk customers, Snyk users and the global DevSecOps community. 

From industry leadership discussions, to technical workshops, to Snyk product updates and roadmap insight, you'll walk away with a great virtual learning experience and a member of the world's strongest community of DevSecOps thinkers, practitioners and market leaders.

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Call for Speakers
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24 Aug 2020

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25 Sep 2020

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Welcome to the SnykCon’s Call for Presentations! CFP's always get us excited because they give us the opportunity to learn from the successes and challenges of the community and the community the opportunity to share their great ideas.. 

From bleeding edge to tried and true

Ideas can come in all forms: a good story about something you and your organisation learned, a new, exciting technology that has had an impact on the way you and your team work together, novel ways of using tools and creative approaches your team uses to improve your process. As our industry is moving at such a rapid pace it is not only important to look at what’s new but also to give credit to long-held practices that drive team efficiencies and growth. This allows for both newcomers to the field to level up and for more seasoned practitioners to be reminded of the importance of what we do.

At Snyk one of our values is to be "ridiculously" easy to work with. We want to make the process of submitting as easy as possible for you. Don't worry if this your first time, we understand how scary this seems, we are there with you along the way. Now let's give you some more context so you get a better grasp on what we are looking for SnykCon's CFP.


While you send us your proposal, we want you to think about the theme: "Secure together". Just as DevSecOps is about a better collaboration across teams, can you highlight in your proposal how you helped others to become more secure? What value did you bring? It's all too easy to say what others should do, but what did you do to build up the relationship?


We’ve learned so much about how teams can be Secure Together from Snyk customers and speakers at past DevSecCon events. Based on our learnings from the community, there are five key themes that we see as crucial to how teams can work together to make DevSecOps a reality in their organizations. Where does your story fit in? 

  • Shift left: we want to address security as early as possible in the SDLC
  • Paved road: we want to make the default road, the secure road
  • Developer first: we want to empower those who can change things to have all the information and be able to act on it
  • Cloud Native: we operate in a cloud paradigm where we work together on code, runtime and cloud
  • Vulnerability Management in the SDLC: from detecting, prioritizing, fixing and preventing software vulnerabilities


Dealing with Security in the SDLC comes in many forms. Using the following tracks we want to scope the conversations around specific areas:

  • Keynotes: these are featured talks that typically have a wider scope and are good at giving you a broad perspective on things. Hints of the future or trends, an amazing and unique story we want to share with the industry and encourage you to dig into new things. We also have some exciting Snyk announcements lined up to inspire you.
  • Tools & Technology: Are you an expert at threat modelling or have a knack for vulnerability databases? We want to hear from you. For these sessions, we want to hear how you’ve used your expertise to solve problems in DevOps and Security. We welcome good deep nerdy tech sessions about the work you did. 
  • Culture & Process: We work together to make security better. Tell us how your team integrated security in their workflow, how you made the case for security and got that budget you needed. Did you finally find a good balance between new features and security work? How did you help your team grow in their security journey?
  • Success Stories: We learn by listening to stories. We don’t just want your success stories, feel safe to share your failure stories, since failure is the path towards the wise. Tell us how you helped your company through a security transformation, or build a security awareness program. This is your chance to share your Secure Together story with us. 
  • Demo & Workshops: Do you want to share a cool open source project or community tool? This is the perfect stage for that! This track will be a mixture of both community-run and commercial products showing off their best features. It's also a great education track for people new to the domain.

Obviously the examples given are merely suggestions, we know you have other insights we don't know yet, so we want to hear them!