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SQL Saturday South FL 2024

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28 Jun 2024

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29 Jun 2024


Nova Southeastern University Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

SQL Saturday is a one-day action-packed training with diverse activities for all!

SQL Saturday is scheduled to happen on Saturday June 29th.
With an option to have a Pre-conference on Friday June 28th.

This event targets all South Florida IT data professionals. And it offers high-quality technical training on a variety of data-related topics such as:

Data Analytics, SQL and No-SQL, Database Administration, DevOps, Development, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Data Science, Machine Learning, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Women in Technology, and Personal Branding.

This is a great opportunity for all data professionals, sellers, students, or executives to engage with their peers and learn from Microsoft MVPs and other local and international speakers, not to mention the great networking opportunities for this in-person event.

We can't wait to see you here in South Florida!

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04 Mar 2024

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18 May 2024

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46 submissions
Submitted sessions
Juan Fernando Gonzalez
  • Power BI Copilot: The Next Generation of Data Analytics
Maximo Trinidad
  • Working with SSIS SQL "Script Task" Automation Integration
Armando Lacerda
  • Making sense of AI, ML and OpenAI.
  • Your Power BI can handle way more data with Fabric
  • MS Fabric crash session
  • Data with Gusto
  • Azure SQL Server flavors, which one is right for my scenario?
Hiram Fleitas
  • One Billion Row Challenge in Real-Time Analytics
  • 1000s of Trucks a Day in Microsoft Fabric
  • Beginner to Pro: Your Journey with KQL in Fabric Real-Time Analytics
  • Fabric Real Time Analytics - E2E
Luciano Bernardes
  • Migrate, optimize, and modernize SQL Server with AWS
Jason Romans
  • Power BI and External Tools: This is the way!
  • Unlock the Power of Power BI with Calculation Groups
  • Power up your Fabric Development with DAX Studio and Tabular Editor
  • Building a Power BI Data Model – No Model Glue Required
Barkha Herman
  • Creating a Personal Brand for Career Success
  • Indexing 101: How to find your data in monoliths, documents, lakes and more.
John Kerski
  • Querying SharePoint Data in Power BI - Options & Performance
  • Querying Power BI REST APIs within a Power BI Dataset
  • DataOps 101 – A Better Way to Develop and Deliver Data Analytics
  • DAX Query View Testing Pattern
  • Commenting Power Query with Azure OpenAI
Kevin Feasel
  • Saving Your Wallet from the Cloud
  • Practical MLOps with GitHub and Azure ML
  • Delivering a Great Demo
  • Build a Data Application with Streamlit
Sudhir Amin
  • Real-time stream analytics from your transactional workload on Amazon RDS
  • Privilege Database User Activity Monitoring using Database Activity Stream on Amazon RDS
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Bogdan Tesileanu
  • Using DARTS to hit your forecasting mark
  • Skip GridSearch - Go Straight to Bayesian Optimization For Your Hyperparameter Tuning
Gethyn Ellis
  • From Zero to Hero: Accidental SQL Server DBAs Survival Guide
  • Data Leadership: Navigating Security, Governance, and Ethical Decision-Making in the Digitial Skies
  • A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Data-Driven Culture
Steve Jones
  • Blogging for the Tech Professional
  • Architecting Zero Downtime Database Deployments
Joshua Higginbotham
  • Maximizing Data Performance: Unlocking the Power of Delta Tables
  • Modernizing ETL: Leveraging Azure Databricks for Enhanced Data Integration
Bill Sanscrainte
  • Index Performance Tuning Using Pain Reduction
Kate Boss, Jared Kirkpatrick
  • Visualization Magic, getting down and dirty with Scatter Charts
Jared Kirkpatrick, Kate Boss
  • Power BI Visual Customization
Jared Kirkpatrick
  • T-SQL Tips, Tricks, Hacks, and Backdoors - the undocumented goodies
Reneida Leon
  • Data to Action: Crafting Results-Oriented User Journeys through Analytics Dashboards
David Seis
  • Solving DBA Problems with Powershell
Cecilia Brusatori
  • Dimensional Data Modeling 101
Robert Hellestrae
  • Design, Develop an App with C#, Azure, ChatGPT