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SQL Server User Group Croatia 2023-2024

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14 Jun 2023, 12 Jul 2023, 13 Sep 2023, 11 Oct 2023, 8 Nov 2023, 13 Dec 2023, 14 Feb 2024, 13 Mar 2024, 10 Apr 2024



As part of Croatian MS community, SQL Server User Group is a place for DB professionals, DBAs and DBDevs alike, where they can meet, learn and exchange ideas.

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Call for Speakers
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17 Apr 2023

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31 May 2023

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If you would like to present and be part of SQL Server User GroupĀ  Croatia please submit your session(s) here.

We have regular meetings once per month and usually on the second Wednesday. The session usually starts on 17:00 GMT+1.

The session can be by your preference from 45 to 120 minutes.

If you like, we can arrange a different day/time for your session.

If you want we can record your session and publish it on the YouTube channel of the group:


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Ronen Ariely
  • SQL Server Internals - Binary (Stored) format of data types
  • The Hidden Power of SSMS - Advanced configuration for faster work and better results
Yitzhak David
  • Auditing and Ledger together in SQL Server 2022 from zero to a hero!
  • SQL Server on Containers and Kubernetes from Zero to a Hero in the year 2022
  • OpenAI , ChatGPT and GPT4 for Power BI Desktop
  • Query Store hints in SQL Server 2022 and parameter sniffing Problem
  • Running Oracle DB in Linux Containers from zero to a hero!
  • Self AI in Power BI Desktop Using R and Python
  • NoSQL Databases for Developer & Security officers: MongoDB & Redis. The fast track!
  • Encryption in SQL Server 2022 from zero to a hero!
  • Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2022 from zero to a hero!
  • Auditing & Ledger for Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL from zero to a hero!
  • SQL Server 2022 on Linux Containers and Kubernetes from Zero to a Hero!
  • Intelligent Query Processing in SQL Server 2022 next Gen the fast track!
  • T-SQL Window Functions in PostgreSQL 15
  • SQL 2019 /22 AlwaysOn lessons from the fields
  • SQL Server 2022 & Azure SQL DB Wait Statistics from zero to a hero!
  • Analytics in Power BI with R and Python with SQL Server 2019 2022 ML Service & Polybase
  • T-SQL Window Functions in SQL Server 2022
Olivier Van Steenlandt
  • Migrating from SSRS to Power BI Paginated Reports
  • Database Deployment Automation using Database Projects & Azure DevOps
  • Improving Team Collaboration Using Database Projects and Azure DevOps
Lee Markum
  • Modern SQL Server Features That Make Life Better
Javier Villegas
  • Performance features in SQL Server 2022
  • The evolution of SQL Server as a Service - Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
  • Introduction to SQL Server 2022
  • Introduction to Azure SQL
Kevin Feasel
  • Locking Down Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Data Virtualization in SQL Server 2022
  • A Slice of Time: Window Functions in SQL Server
Bobur Umurzokov
  • How Change Data Capture (CDC) Works with Streaming Database
  • How to choose the right streaming database
Edward Pollack
  • Calendar Tables and Why You Should Use Them!
  • MY Favorite New T-SQL in SQL Server 2022
  • Improving Analytics Performance With Columnstore Indexes
Torsten Strauß
  • Memory Grant in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Row and Page Compression in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Intelligent Query Processing - Table variable deferred compilation in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Hash and non-clustered in-memory OLTP indexes in Microsoft SQL Server
  • In-memory OLTP Design Principles in Microsoft SQL Server
Klaus Aschenbrenner
  • UNIQUEIDENTIFIERs as Primary Keys in SQL Server
  • Myths and Misconceptions about Locking & Blocking
  • Docker for the SQL Server Developer
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Rajendra Ongole
  • Field Parameters in Power BI
Brian Bønk
  • Understand the Kusto engine and ADX service
  • The power between Kusto and Power BI
  • Load patterns for Azure Data Explorer