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SQLDay 2022

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9 May 2022

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11 May 2022


Wrocław, Lower Silesia, Poland


SQLDay is the largest conference focused on Microsoft Data Platform – databases, Big Data, Business Intelligence and advanced data analysis.

The conference has been organized already for fourteen years by enthusiasts and professionals from all over the country operating within the Polish SQL Server User Group (PLSSUG).

Currently, the official organizer of the conference is Data Community Poland, under which the merits and successful conference supervised by experienced organizers of previous editions of the event.

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01 Jan 2022

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14 Feb 2022

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The call for speaker is split into two parts:

  • Workshops + sessions - submissions until 28.01.2022.
  • Sessions - submissions until 14.02.2022.

We plan 4-hour / 8-hour workshops and 60-minutes breakout sessions - all data related. Whether it is on-premises or in the cloud. ETL or AI. Architecture or database engine deep-dive. Programming or administration. All topics welcome.

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92 submissions
Submitted sessions
Csom Gergely
  • Azure Data Explorer - How to build an IoT solution?
  • How to build Real time / IoT DWH with Azure Synapse and Azure Data Explorer Pool?
Mihail Mateev
  • Azure Cosmos DB Serverless Unleashed
  • Offload AI and analytics workloads to the edge
  • Integrating Azure Stream Analytics with Azure Machine Learning in a Nutshell
  • Cosmos DB Server-Side Programming with TypeScript
  • Deep Dive into Power BI Paginated Reports
Chan Ming Man
  • Automating your organization with Microsoft Power Automate
  • Get started ML.NET with C#
  • Blazor WebAssembly Web UI with C# and SQL Azure
Just Blindbæk
  • The traditional modern Data Warehouse
  • Power BI: From Self-Service to Enterprise
  • Architectural blueprints for the Modern Data Warehouse
Grzegorz Łyp
  • Execution Plans - from beginner to professional
  • Common Missing SQL Server Features Implemented as CLR Modules
  • Be better than SQL Server scalar UDF Inling
  • Key performance metrics of MS SQL Server performance
  • Let's create MS SQL Server monitoring tool in a day
Kevin Wilkie
  • The Function of Windowing Functions
  • Finding the Right Data Types
Guy Glantser
  • Working with Very Large Tables Like a Pro in SQL Server 2019
  • The Most Important Performance Factor in SQL Server and Azure SQL
  • The Complete Guide to Temporary Tables and Table Variables
  • Monitoring Page Splits in SQL Server
  • Modernizing Your Data Platform
  • How to Use Parameters Like a Pro and Boost Performance
  • How to Reduce Your Azure Data Platform Costs
  • Extended Events to the Rescue
  • Advanced Query Tuning Techniques
Taiob Ali
  • Think like the Cardinality Estimator
  • SQL Assessment - Microsoft's Best Practices Checker
  • What the heck is a checkpoint, and why should I care?
Deepthi Goguri
  • SQL Notebooks to DBA's and Developers
Martin Guth
  • Relaxed Releases with DB-Workload-Tests
  • Consistency is sexy: How Information Design helps creating understandable reports for everyone
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Mathias Halkjaer
  • Dynamic Measures in Power BI
  • Time-travel with SQL Temporal Tables
  • Complex access in Power BI with Row-Level Security
  • When data lies - typical patterns for manipulating data
Erland Sommarskog
  • Deadlocks – Analysing, Preventing and Mitigating
  • All You Wanted to Know About Collations
Jose Manuel Jurado Diaz, Juan Moreno Romo
  • Lessons Learned from the Trenches: Connectivity and Performance Tips&Tricks
  • Monitoring SQL Server: from on-premises to Azure
  • Azure SQL Database - Performance Monitoring and More
  • Azure SQL Journey: The daily routine of a Cloud DBA
Prashant G Bhoyar
  • Workshop : Azure AI Master Class
  • Workshop : Microsoft Conversational AI Master Class
Kathi Kellenberger
  • T-SQL Window Function Performance
  • Modern T-SQL for Better Performance
Przemysław Starosta
  • Plan wykonania i statystyki w Oracle
  • Łańcuchy zdarzeń w Oracle (Oracle Chain)
Tracy Boggiano
  • How To Get the Auditors Off Your Butt with dbachecks
Dejan Sarka
  • Regular Expressions in SQL Server - 20 Years of Development
  • SQL Server Beyond Classical RDBMS
  • Association Rules Step by Step
  • Associations in R – Mathematics, Code, Graphs and Interpretation
Sergiy Lunyakin
  • Migrate traditional DW transformations to Spark/Scala
Sai Prasad Baba Subramanyan
  • Project for the Web + Power BI = Powerful Analytics
Greg Low
  • Cosmos DB for SQL Server DBAs and Developers
  • How I Implement Power BI in Enterprises
Armando Lacerda
  • Hyperscaling cloud-based databases
  • Azure Synapse Analytics for Small Data Volumes
  • Cosmos DB - Successful deployment blueprint
Grzegorz Stolecki
  • Własne wizualizacje w Power BI
  • Power BI bez chmury
  • Po prostu DAX
Radu Vunvulea
  • COVID-19 is a cloud security catalyst
  • 7 reasons why you should choose Snowflake OR Synapse on Azure
Andrew Pruski
  • SQL Server on Kubernetes (AKS) - Proof of concept
  • Deploying SQL Server to Kubernetes with Helm
  • Chaos Engineering for SQL Server
  • A deep dive into Docker
Damir Matešić
  • What's new in MS SQL for developers?
  • MS SQL New functions, syntaxes, tips & tricks
  • Advanced data types – JSON
Sebastiano Galazzo
  • GPT-x, is it really worth it?
  • Deep dive on creating a photorealistic talking avatar
Eitan Blumin
  • How to Save Money on Your SQL Server Hardware
Pragati Jain
  • Advanced Tricks with Buttons/Bookmarks in Power BI
  • Unhide the Power of Power Query in Power BI
Mikey Bronowski
  • Jak zostać PowerDBA - warsztat języka PowerShell dla zapracowanego administratora serwera SQL
  • Jak zostać PowerDBA - PowerShell dla administratora serwera SQL
  • Usługa elastycznych zadań w Azure
  • Wprowadzenie do modułu PowerShell - ImportExcel
  • Niezwykłe trio ARM, Bicep oraz DSC - by łatwiej budować nowe środowiska w Microsoft Azure
  • Niezwykłe trio ARM, Bicep oraz DSC - by łatwiej budować nowe środowiska w Microsoft Azure
Marcin Szeliga
  • test
Joe Karlsson
  • Making a Key-Value store in SQL??? One that actually scales!?!?!
  • Extreme Database Query Performance
  • A Gentle Introduction to Minting Your Very First NFTs Using Generative Art and Code
  • A Gentle Introduction to Adding Real-Time Machine Learning Predictions to Your Dataset
  • A Brief History of Databases