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SQLDay 2023

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8 May 2023

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10 May 2023


Wrocław, Poland


SQLDay is the largest conference focused on Microsoft Data Platform – databases, Big Data, Business Intelligence and advanced data analysis.

The conference has been organized already for fourteen years by enthusiasts and professionals from all over the country operating within the Polish SQL Server User Group (PLSSUG).

Currently, the official organizer of the conference is Data Community Poland, under which the merits and successful conference supervised by experienced organizers of previous editions of the event.

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01 Oct 2022

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31 Dec 2022

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The call for speaker is split into two parts:

Workshops + sessions - submissions until 30.11.2022.

Sessions - submissions until 31.12.2022.

We plan 4-hour / 8-hour workshops (in person) and 60-minutes breakout sessions (in person/online) - all data related. Whether it is on-premises or in the cloud. ETL or AI. Architecture or database engine deep-dive. Programming or administration. All topics welcome.

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139 submissions
Submitted sessions
Damian Widera, Hubert Kobierzewski
  • Współczesna architektura analityczna w stylu Data Lakehouse
Erland Sommarskog
  • Don’t Let Your Permissions Be Hijacked!
  • All You Wanted to Know About Collations
Vitor Fava
  • Sentiment analysis using PowerBI and Azure Cognitive Services
  • Implementing AI solutions using the cognitive services in Azure
Jakub Wawrzyniak, Łukasz Grala
  • Realizacja nowoczesnej architektury analitycznej lakehouse i Data Mesh na platformie Microsoft Azure
Andrea Martorana Tusa, Jolanta Garlacz
  • The secret recipe for global implementation of Power BI
Norbert Kulski
  • Power BI - Model kompozytowy (composite model), blaski i cienie
Paul Andrew
  • Tips, Tricks, Helping, Speaking & Getting Involved in the Data Community
  • The Evolution of Data Platform Architectures in Azure - Lambda, Kappa, Delta, Data Mesh
  • Implementing a Data Mesh Architecture in Azure
  • Building an Azure Data Analytics Platform End-to-End
  • An Introduction to Delta Lakes and Delta Lake-Houses
  • Azure Data Integration Pipelines - Advanced Design and Delivery
  • Azure Data Integration Pipelines – The Fundamentals to Level 300
Sebastiano Galazzo
  • Machine Learning - Best Practices and Vulnerabilities
  • Deep dive on creating a photorealistic talking avatar
  • GPT-x, is it really worth it?
  • Blackmirror - Creating your digital twin
Michiel Rozema, Henk Vlootman
  • Complex business problems need Extreme DAX solutions!
Kamil Nowinski
  • Delta Lake Tables 101 (PL)
  • Azure DevOps w praktyce
  • SDLC & DevOps dla bazy danych w (Azure) SQL Server
  • Azure Synapse - Deployment challenges (PL)
  • Azure Data Factory - Deployment challenges (PL)
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Tomasz Kostyrka
  • Terraform w projektach Data
Nikola Ilic
  • Power BI Performance - 7 Deadly Sins!
  • Cracking Power BI Performance Tuning in a day!
  • Azure Enterprise Data Analytics in a Day
  • It's just a SQL - Crash course on Synapse Serverless for T-SQL ninjas!
  • Chef's big book of Synapse Analytics recipes
Mihail Mateev
  • Empower Your business with Power Automate’ RPA Solutions
  • Using Digital Twins, IoT, and Multivariate Anomaly Detection for predictive analytics
  • Creating O365 Office Scripts with TypeScript in a Nutshell
  • Best Practices of Implementing Intelligent Edge Solutions with Azure IoT & AI
  • Building Automated Flows using Power Automate and Office Scripts
  • Azure Cosmos DB Serverless Unleashed
Wolfgang Strasser
  • Data Governance in a Nutshell – From Theory to Demos and Hands-On with Microsoft Purview
Sammy Deprez
  • How to embed AI, when you have no AI skills
  • Building a Responsible AI strategy
  • Accelerate your time to get a production ready ML Model.
Sammy Deprez, Henk Boelman
  • Azure ML from Zero to Hero
Neil Hambly
  • SQL 2022 Workshop
Hugo Barona
  • Getting Started with Automatic Tuning for your SQL Databases
Marcel Meurer
  • Azure Virtual Desktop - Behind the scenes
  • Build your own Azure Monitor solution
Mohit Chhabra
  • Secure your SQL data with the power of Blockchain
Erwin de Kreuk
  • Managing access to data sources in your data estate with Microsoft Purview
  • Building a Metadata driven ELT Framework in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Make your Azure Synapse Analytics a stronghold and win the workshop!
  • How to use and create Data Lineage in Microsoft Purview?
  • ALM for Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Get control of your Azure Synapse environment, define your access control the right way today!
  • Create an Azure Synapse Lake Database without writing code
  • Solve your Data Governance challenges with Microsoft Purview
Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen
  • Key-value-pair Tables in Power BI, AS and/or Your DWH
  • Model Your Data Like a Star in Power BI
  • Data Shaping in Power BI with Power Query
  • Data Shaping in Power BI with DAX
  • Data Shaping for Power BI with SQL
  • 5 Things You Need to Know When Learning DAX
Uwe Ricken
  • Simplify data management with partitioning
  • Introduction to partitioning
  • How to properly handle LOB data in SQL Server
  • How to handle Timeseries with Microsoft SQL Server
  • Improve your skills as a professional DBA
  • Techniques that a professional database developer should master
Grzegorz Stolecki
  • Skok w DAX dla tych co znają SQL
  • Jak tworzyć dobre modele danych (nie tylko) w Power BI
  • DAX - to nie jest tak jak myślisz
  • Po prostu DAX
Leonard Lobel
  • What’s New for Developers in SQL Server 2022
  • JSON Integration in SQL Server
  • Building Event-Driven Microservices with the Azure Cosmos DB Change Feed
  • Data Modeling and Partitioning Patterns in Azure Cosmos DB
  • Confidential Computing with SQL Server Always Encrypted and Secure Enclaves
  • Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB
  • Developer Dive into Azure Cosmos DB
  • Developer Dive into SQL Server 2022
Mihailo Joksimovic
  • Let's talk about Azure SQL Managed Instance, shall we?
  • Learn how to listen to your data!
  • SQL Server Storage Architecture - for people in a hurry
  • Let's talk about Recommendation Systems!
  • May I interest you in ... R?
Bartlomiej Graczyk, Pawel Potasinski
  • Explore the ocean of data with Azure Data Explorer
  • Powrót do przyszłości, czyli analityka na platformie Microsoft dziś i jutro
Andrew Pruski
  • Deploying SQL Server to Kubernetes with Helm
  • Chaos Engineering for SQL Server
  • Running SQL Server on Linux
  • A deep dive into Docker
Piotr Tybulewicz
  • Zostań Sherlockiem Holmesem w Kusto Detective Agency
Mike Benkovich
  • Where's my Stuff? Exploring data storage options in Azure
  • Cosmos Tools for the Relational Developer
Michał Sawicki, Michał Walanus
  • Data driven alerts w Power BI
Wojciech Piechocki
  • Protipy i lifehacki, czyli jak korzystać z Power BI efektywnie
Andrea Martorana Tusa
  • Implementing a Role Based Access Control setup in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in Power BI
  • T-SQL and window functions in SQL Server 2022
  • Hands-on: Advanced Data Modelling in Power BI
  • Hands-on: building custom maps in Power BI
Filip Kamieniecki, Michał Walanus
  • Azure Synapse Analytics + Power BI = Power Analytics
Martynas Jočys
  • Visual layout strategies for dashboards
  • How to tame colours in a dashboard.
Brian Bønk
  • Metadata your SQL server
  • Understanding SQL Server Execution plans
  • Intro to Serverless SQL in Azure Synapse
  • Azure Synapse - CETAS vs views
Lars Andersen
  • Best practice in Power BI Data Visualization
  • Beginners guide to Data Modeling in Power BI
  • Work smarter with Power BI, Teams and Office
Lars Andersen, Bartlomiej Graczyk
  • External sharing with Power BI
  • Optimize KPI reporting using Power BI metrics
Juan Manuel Perafan
  • M-fu: I did not know this was possible with Power Query
Mathias Halkjaer
  • Complex access control with Row-Level Security
  • Supercharge Power BI with Azure Synapse Analytics
  • An introduction to Serverless SQL with Azure Synapse Analytics
Mikey Bronowski
  • Zarządzanie serwerem SQL w sprytny sposób - warsztaty z dbatools / dbachecks
  • AutomatedLab - własne środowisko testowe
  • Niezwykłe trio ARM, Bicep oraz DSC - by łatwiej budować nowe środowiska w Microsoft Azure
  • dbatools - sesja niespodzianka
Marc Lelijveld
  • Advanced data modeling with Power BI
  • Power BI Datamarts - what is it and how do I benefit from it?
Injae Park
  • Power BI Templates to empower Citizen Developers
Dennes Torres
  • SQL Server 2022 Improvements
  • SQL Server 2022: Intelligent Query Processing new Features
  • Power BI: Datamarts and Aggregations for Better Performance
  • Power BI Datamarts: How to use them
  • Azure SQL Networking Secrets
  • SQL Server In The Cloud
  • Power BI In an Enterprise Environment
  • Data Intelligence All-in-One : Synapse Analytics
  • SQL Server 2022: Query Optimization Evolution
Joey D'Antoni
  • Automagic Tuning in SQL Server
  • Understanding Azure Active Directory for Data Professionals
  • Designing Azure Infrastructure for Data Platform Projects
  • Elevating Your Cloud Skills--A Deeper Dive
Olivier Van Steenlandt
  • Agile BI/Data Development
  • Improving Team Collaboration Using Database Projects and Azure DevOps
Natalia Warszewska
  • It's not a bug, it's a feature!