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SQLGrillen 2018

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21 Jun 2018

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22 Jun 2018


IT Zentrum, Kaiserstraße 10B, 49809 Lingen Lingen, Germany


SQLGrillen is the biggest free SQL Server event in North Germany.

Our motto is "Databases, Bratwurst and Beer", which describes our event quite well.

We have grown from a single track and 5 sessions, to 4 tracks and 28 sessions.

In 2017 we had ~120 attendees and are aiming for 200 attendees in 2018. The audience is an international mix and covers all aspects of the Microsoft Data Platform.

Check out the website for details of previous SQLGrillen events and then submit your ideas here!

Just because SQL is in the name, doesn't mean it has to be about SQL Server. We are after interesting data focused sessions, so let's see what you've got!

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Call for Speakers
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30 Oct 2017

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31 Jan 2018

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SQLGrillen 2018 is the 4th edition of the extremely popular SQL Server focused event in Lingen, Germany.

We are looking for the best and brightest speakers and topics around the Microsoft Data Platform. Whether you are a DBA working with High Availability solutions or a developer working on the latest and greatest cloud technologies, we want you to submit your ideas for consideration.

This year we have a special "Newcomers" track. This is a track designed to specifically accommodate people new to presenting. Newcomers will be assigned a "mentor" who is an experienced speaker, who will guide you in the process of preparing and delivering your session.

We look forward to your submissions!

You can see a list of submissions at the end of this page.

A more detailed overview of submissions is also available on the SQLGrillen website.

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Submitted sessions
Hugo Kornelis
  • Improve your Database Performance in Seven Simple Steps
  • Now Where Did THAT Estimate Come From?
  • Advanced Indexing
  • T-SQL User-Defined Functions, or: How to kill performance in one, easy step
Denny Cherry
  • Table Indexing
  • SQL Server 2016 Database Administration for the non-DBA
  • How to Maintain the Same Level of utilities in Cloud Deployments - Securability, Reliability and Sca
Chris Taylor
  • AWS Glue - Let's get "stuck" in!
  • AWS or Azure – Which is right for you?
  • Introduction to Containers
André Kamman
  • ETL with Powershell
Grzegorz Łyp
  • SQL Opeartions Studio - new open-source development environment
  • Execution Plans - from beginner to professional
  • Deadlock Monitoring
  • Common Missing SQL Server Features Implemented as CLR Modules
  • Parallel Database Index and Statistics Maintenance in 24/7 Production Environments
Wout Vangoidsenhoven
  • SSIS Varia, Cool new and existing features
  • PowerBi vs SSRS
  • Power BI real time reporting
Matthias Vill
  • An introduction to XQuery and XML in SQL Server
Janusz Rokicki
  • Security Intelligence in Azure Sql Database and Datawarehouse
  • The Road to Autonomous Databases
  • Query Store, 2 Years On
André Melancia
  • SQL Curiosities: Neugier ist der Katze Tod
  • Hacking? Mission Possible!
  • Never Say Hacking SQL Server Again
  • If a machine can learn, why can't YOU learn Azure Machine Learning?
Michał Sadowski
  • SQL Server vs. Windows Server - how to configure Windows for better SQL Server performance
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Oliver Engels, Thomas Rones
  • Champions League Final Battle - Tableau vs. Power BI
Kamil Nowinski
  • The dark side of database design and development
  • Learning to swim in the Azure Data Lake
  • Move part of your body to Azure Data Warehouse
  • Maintenance a database project and Continuous Delivery using Microsoft Data Tools in practical terms
  • Understand better Transaction Isolation Levels
Mladen Prajdič
  • An End-to-End Approach to App and DB Security
Pete Moore
  • Data Science and Data Ethics - whose problem?
Bartosz Ratajczyk
  • Start testing your SSIS packages
  • SSIS and continuous integration
Chris Woolderink
  • Take Your First Steps Towards Power BI by Using DAX
Cornelia Matthesius
  • Recursive CTEs - cursing again and again?
Neil Hambly
  • Effective Indexing with Partitioning and Compression
  • PowerBI Model Designs & Techniques
Menzo Steinhorst
  • SQL Server Vital Signs
Lars Platzdasch
  • Tesla and Me - W00t PowerShell, Azure and ..- can control my Car
  • SQL Server Best Practice: just select lightspeed or ludicrous Mode
  • SharePoint 2016/Online BI or/and Power BI - what for what
Gabi Münster
  • Continuous Integration für Analysis Services
  • Wird Tabular Mode langsam erwachsen?
  • Azure Analysis Services - Nur ein Service unter vielen?
Argenis Fernandez
  • Hacking SQL Server for Fun and Profit: 2018 Edition
Gianluca Sartori
  • How to survive the LOB apocalypse in SQL Server 2017
  • Benchmarking like a PRO
  • Responding to Extended Events in near real-time
Paul Broadwith
  • Git Fundamentals: Open Up A World Of Community and Collaboration
Paul Broadwith, Craig Porteous
  • The PowerShell Standards Agency – Write better code for Everbody
David Postlethwaite
  • An introduction to Query Store
  • Beware of the Dark Side - A Guided Tour of Oracle for the SQL DBA
  • Microsoft Azure for the SQL Server DBA
  • SQL 2017 New feature -Graph Databases
  • Taming the Beast – How a SQL DBA can keep Kerberos under control
  • A real DBA don’t need a GUI-A Tour of SQL Server Management Studio
John Martin
  • Jump Start to SQL Server on Linux.
  • Pulling data from the Azure Platform
  • Laying the Foundation for GDPR
  • What are Azure SQL Database Managed Instances?
  • Making Row Level Security and Dynamic Data Masking work for you!
  • Getting Started with SQL and Microsoft Azure
  • Troubleshooting SQL Server, it's all in the process.
Erwin de Kreuk
  • Building a complete PaaS BI Solution in Azure in 60 minutes.
  • Migrating your On Premise database to Azure SQL DW
Eelco Drost
  • Deploy your databases to Azure using VSTS and DACPAC
Alexander Arvidsson
  • Speak your hands
  • The Force Awakens - Azure SQL Server for the on-prem DBA
  • Boring is stable, stable is good – best practices in practice
  • SQL Server hates you(?) - what the DBAs never told the developers
  • Heck freezes over - SQL Server for the Oracle admin
  • Hot potato – Administering SQL Server for the experienced sysadmin
Sergiy Lunyakin
  • SSAS Tabular Toolbelt: 6 tools that make your work easier
  • Get data insights faster with Data Wrangling
Chris Adkin
  • Scaling Out SQL Server Workloads With Containers
  • The In-Memory Engine Is Fast, But How Do I Use It ?
  • Continuous Integration With Docker, SQL Server and SSDT
Jaap Brasser
  • SQL migrate everything to the cloud - Managing SQL Server with Chat Automation
Ben Weissman (he/him)
  • Introduction to Ensemble Modelling
  • Biml: Your 3D Printer for SSIS
  • ETL and DWH Design with Metadata
  • Let’s build SSIS packages with Biml – live!
  • The SSIS Package that tunes itself
  • Biml for SSIS from 0 to 100
Hubert Kobierzewski
  • Data Shaping in Power BI
  • Azure Data Factory - the second stage
Jan Mulkens
  • Automating Machine Learning in Azure
  • Practical SQL Server Machine Learning Services
  • Rub DevOps on all the things!
  • Data Science, easy until it's not
Kevin Chant
  • DBA 101, the "stuff" that keeps your databases going
Sia Ghassemi
  • • EventSourcing: Time to rethink Data
Jonathan Stewart
  • Show it Right! An In-Depth Guide to Visualization
  • Performance Tuning for the BI Professional
  • From problem to Power BI: A journey in data visualization
  • Data Visualization: How to truly tell a great story!
  • Relationship Goals: The SQL Server Graph Database
Mohammad Darab
  • 3 Lessons Learned in Successful Consulting
Jorg Klein
  • Introduction to Azure Data Lake Store & Analytics
  • What’s new in Azure Analysis Services?
  • What’s new in Azure Data Factory v2?
Matt Gordon
  • Where Should My Data Live (and Why)?
  • New Features and New Speed in SQL Server 2016 (and 2017!) Always On Availability Groups
  • Football Feelings Quantified – Ranking Clubs by Supporter Sentiment
Frank Geisler
  • Power BI Server - On Premises
  • SQL on Docker
pieter muller
  • Reverse engineering the business rules making use of Power BI & R analytics.
Thomas Hütter
  • An R primer for SQL folks
  • 50 ways to show your data
  • A day of R for SQL folks
Andreas Lindenberg
  • Power BI in Concert featuring PowerApps & Flow
Simon Whiteley
  • Modern Data Warehousing - A template for Lambda BI in Azure
Cathrine Wilhelmsen
  • Biml Tips and Tricks: Not just for SSIS packages!
  • Level Up Your Biml: Best Practices and Coding Techniques
  • Biml for Beginners: Speed Up Your SSIS Development
  • Real-World ETL Design Patterns using SSIS and Biml
Uwe Ricken
  • Temporal Tables - Ein Blick hinter die Kulissen
  • Hinter den Kulissen von Statistiken
  • Transaktionale Isolationsstufen im Detail
  • Security für Anfänger
  • Policy Based Management
  • Indexanalyse und Performancesteigerung
Alexander Holmeset
  • Office 365 Group Reporting with PowerShell
  • Push data to Power BI trough PowerShell
Johan Ludvig Brattås
  • Don't cross the streams! A closer look at Stream Analytics
  • Deploying Power BI in the Enterprise - lessons learned
  • Implementing a hybrid datawarehouse
Ásgeir Gunnarsson
  • Enterprise Power BI – Development Lifecycle
  • Who, What, When. Monitoring usage of your MS BI stack
  • Analysis Services DNA
  • Impact of weather on English Premier League matches – Power BI Desktop analysis
  • Analysing your corporate online presence using Power BI
Johan van den Brink
  • X-ray your processes with process mining
Catalin Gheorghiu
  • IoT Circus – deathmatch oops, datematch 😊 Power Bi vs Time Series Insights
  • SQL database on IoT devices, could you? should you? would you?
Scott Klein
  • Databases and Data Lakes - Bridging the Gap
  • SQL Server 2017 - Intelligence Built-in
  • Bots and AI with Azure
  • Data Analysis - The The Whats and Hows of USQL
  • The Internet of Things in the Real World
Cláudio Silva, Chrissy LeMaire, Rob Sewell
  • dbachecks - a new module from the dbatools team
Enrico van de Laar
  • Moving advanced analytics to your SQL Server databases
  • Crazy Data Science
  • Advanced analytics in the cloud: AzureML
  • Applied Data Science for BI Professionals and DBAs
Grant Fritchey
  • DevOps for the DBA
  • Monitoring to Quickly Diagnose SQL Server Performance Problems
  • Monitoring the Database Estate
Andrew Pruski
  • SQL Containers in the Cloud! An intro to running Docker in Azure
  • SQL Server & Containers 101
  • Partitioning Deep Dive
  • Working with SQL Server & Containers - Deep dive
Torsten Katthöfer
  • Mit Verfahren der künstlichen Intelligenz den Vergleich zwischen Äpfel und Birnen verhindern
Mugurel Ilie
  • Handling JSONs in SQL Server 2016
Ben Watt
  • Streaming Datasets with Microsoft Flow and Power BI
Christina Leo
  • "Self-Healing" Query Execution in SQL 2017
Andreas Wolter
  • SQL Server 2017: Schnell, schneller, am schnellsten
  • Practical Performance Monitoring & Troubleshooting SQL Server
Sander Stad
  • Simplifying Log Shipping using dbatools
  • PowerShell-Grow Your Script From Simple to Module
  • dbatools-PowerShell and SQL Server Working Together
Georg Gamsjäger
  • PBIRS - Power BI Reports Server On Prem - A real life story
Jan Pieter Posthuma
  • Deploying an Azure BI solution automagically
  • Developers Guide to Power BI, part 2
  • Extending Power BI With Your Own Custom Visuals
Henk van der Valk
  • Faster transactions & Analytics with the SQL Server 2016 In-Memory enhancements
Thomas LaRock
  • SQL Server Audit
  • Cardinality Estimates in Microsoft SQL Server
  • Upgrading to SQL Server 2017
Wouter de Kort
  • Don’t forget your database when doing Continuous Delivery
Bent Nissen Froning
  • Boost your SSAS Tabular productivity
  • Automate your on-premises DWH and Tabular model in less than an hour
  • Azure Analysis Services vs. On-premises
Andre Essing
  • Cosmos DB - NoSQL schlägt zurück (Eine Überblick über die dunkle Seite Ihrer Daten)
Björn Peters
  • CosmosDB - Überblick und erste Schritte
  • Auf auf in die Cloud, ihr Datenbanken
  • Einstieg in Azure SQL Databases und Powershell Automation
Andrea Martorana Tusa
  • Making maps in Power BI
  • Spatial Analytics with SQL Server, R and Power BI
  • Customizing SQL Server 2016 Mobile Report Publisher
  • Power BI behind the scene: security and user management
David Peter Hansen
  • Open Source Analytics in the cloud with Azure HDinsight
  • Data Warehouse load performance with SSIS and SQL Server (and Zombies)!
  • The Microsoft Engineer's performance tuning toolbox
Eduardo Piairo
  • Unit testing databases with tSQLt
  • Deployment pipeline for databases
  • Database Source Control - The 1st step to Database DevOps
Robert French
  • Hints, tips and shortcuts
  • Soft Skills for Success
Stuart Moore
  • Cutting through the clutter - Indexing Nightmares and avoiding them
  • SQL Server Backups In Depth
  • Get on the Azure Service Bus
Craig Porteous
  • Power BI and PowerShell - A Match Made in Heaven
Kevin Feasel
  • Much Ado About Hadoop
  • Data Cleansing with SQL and R
  • APPLY Yourself
  • Eyes on the Prize: Simple and Effective Dashboard Visualization Techniques
Rob Sewell
  • Think PowerShell and SQL is meh? Meet dbatools!
  • Introduction to Pester - TDD for PowerShell
  • Continuous Delivery for PowerShell modules
Dejan Dular
  • How to downgrade a database
Volker Bachmann
  • Mission SQL Migration - Aus Blech wird VM
Anthony Nocentino
  • I Needed to Install 80 SQL Servers…Fast. Here’s How I Did It!
  • SQL Server on Linux: Install, Configure, and Manage
  • Monitoring Linux Performance for the SQL Server Admin
  • PowerShell on Linux - Skills to Manage Your Heterogenous Data Center
Alex Whittles
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
Torsten Strauß
  • Index Fragmentation
  • Query Optimizer
  • Hash and stream aggregation
  • Plan Cache
  • Locking and Blocking
  • Query Store
Nico Jacobs
  • What Power BI users need to know about R
  • SQL Server surprises
  • Graph databases in SQL Server 2017
  • Azure Data Warehouse: Why, What and How
  • Cortana Intelligence Suite: The whole Azure Big Data landscape in 1 day
  • Prepare and serve machine learning models with AzureML
Alexander Klein
  • Let the Cognitive Services to help you to find your favourite cocktail
  • Spielplatz Cognitive Services – auch große Kinder dürfen hier spielen
  • Build your next BI solution in azure
  • BI in the cloud hands on
Cláudio Silva
  • Administrating SSRS without boring web based clicks
  • PowerShell for all engines - Relational, RS, AS, IS
Sander van der Hoeff
  • SQLServer under pressure: Can I fix it?
  • Agile BI from the cloud with Team Foundation Services
  • Mind the Gap: Can we generate a complete datawarehouse ?
Tobias Koprowski
  • Secure your data at rest - on demand, now!
  • IT Pro Security with The Beard
  • SQL Server Backup in AD 2018
  • Database in the Cloud for Early Adopters
  • Windows Azure SQL Database-A Journey from Zero to be Hero
  • SQL Server Security in a nutshell. One day which saves your job.
Sean Werick
  • Modernize Your SQL Date Warehouse with Hadoop
Chrissy LeMaire, Gianluca Sartori
  • Simplifying XEvents Management with dbatools
Gosia Borzęcka
  • Let’s start using Cognitive Services in our business apps!
Stijn Wynants
  • Index Tuning for the developer
  • Datawarehouse Lightning Performance with Columnstore!
  • SQL Server Problem Bingo!
  • Real-Time Analytics: OLAP & OLTP in the mix!
Paul Andrew, Alex Whittles
  • Business Intelligence in Azure - The Lambda Architecture
Paul Andrew
  • ADFv2 - Data Integration in Azure Just Got a lot Better
  • Azure Data Lake – USQL Job Execution in Depth
  • Working with Azure Data Factory & Creating Custom Activities
  • Azure Data Lake - The Services. The U-SQL. The CSharp.
Marcos Freccia
  • Power BI Report Server. Leveraging Power BI in your organization
  • 10 Alerts that you should have it running in your SQL Server
  • Free Power BI for everyone!
  • SQL Server Always ON Availability Groups 101
  • Migrating your Database to Azure SQL DB as you never seen it
  • Stop everything! T-SQL tips to make a Developer life easier
  • Managing Always On Availability Groups with Powershell
Matija Lah
  • SQL Server and XML Query
  • FILETABLEs: What They Are and How to Use Them
  • SQL Server Statistical Semantic Search
  • Fun with Legal Information in SQL Server: Correlating Offers and Counter-offers
  • Fun with Legal Information in SQL Server: Determining the Law to Be Used
Kamil Nowinski, Damian Widera
  • Software Development Life Cycle for databases as a part of nowadays DevOps
Guy Glantser
  • How to Use Parameters Like a Pro and Boost Performance
  • Working with Very Large Tables Like a Pro in SQL Server 2017
  • SQL Server Developer Tips That Can Save Your Ass
  • SQL Server DBA Tips That Can Save Your Ass
  • Analyzing Execution Plans Like a Pro
  • Monitoring Page Splits in SQL Server
  • The Best SQL Server Best Practices
  • Big Data Made Simple
  • SQL Server Query Performance Tuning
Rudi Bruchez
  • What can you do with SQL Server on Linux?
  • What is hidden in the query plan ?
  • What I have seen so far in my performance tuning audits
  • From relational to Multimodel : Azure Cosmos DB
  • Discover the new graph features of SQL Server 2017
Denny Cherry, Joey D'Antoni
  • Designing Azure Infrastructure for Data Platform Projects
Wolfgang Strasser
  • Power BI Round Trip in one Day
Alex Yates
  • Database DevOps in A Day
Vedran Kesegić
  • Tuning optional filters
  • Show me the cache!
Markus Ehrenmueller-Jensen
  • A Game of Hierarchies: Hierarchien und Graphen in SQL Server meistern