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SQL Saturday Jacksonville #1041

event date

6 May 2023


University Of North Florida - UNF Jacksonville, Florida, United States

Come speak at SQL Saturday in Jacksonville! #1041 - May 6th, 2022. 

This will be Jacksonville's 15th SQL Saturday!

We are looking for speakers for Saturday for 1-hour sessions and also for 2 all-day pre-cons. The speaker call is open until March 31st.

We plan to have a complete 101 Track for all data-related topics. If you have any 101 sessions, please submit those.

Please also indicate if you would be willing to present in more than one session.

This is an IN-PERSON event at UNF in Jacksonville, Florida!

Please email if you have any questions.

open, 4 days left
Call for Speakers
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25 Oct 2022

Call closes at 11:59 PM

31 Mar 2023

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117 submissions
Submitted sessions
Susan Schneider
  • ‘Starting a T-SQL Love Affair: Building on the Basics’
  • ‘Starting Your Technical Journey: Lessons Learned Along the Way’
Jonathon Moorman
  • Intro to Azure Data Factory
  • Managing Azure Sql Database
  • Database Project Navigation
  • Surviving Your Technical Interview
Tony Wilhelm
  • Intro to PowerShell and dbatools for the DBA
Bill Sanscrainte
  • Index R(x): Prescriptions for Performance Improvement
Josh Luedeman
  • Azure Data Services: Around the platforms in 60 minutes
  • Get to Know the Azure Arc enabled Services Portfolio
  • What's New with Azure Data Factory
Cam Beaudoin
  • Holistic Accessibility Program Management: A Practical Framework
Brandon Tucker
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Query Store
  • Building Your First Clusterless Availability Group On Metal, VMs, Cloud, Or All Three!
  • High Availability Alphabet Soup - FCI, AG, DAG, & RSAG
Santosh Hari
  • The Ethical Tech Worker's Guide for Workplace Politics
  • Demystifying Azure Cosmos DB geospatial data
  • A primer on NoSQL databases
Doug Leal
  • Building Data Lake on Azure
  • Getting Started with Azure Databricks: Machine Learning
  • Getting Started with Azure Databricks: Data Engineering
Alex Masharov
  • "It's still log shipping for me” - Why you should still use log shipping today
  • Disastrous Disaster Recovery: Case Studies in Calamity
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Andy Warren
  • Installing, Standardizing, Securing, and Automating the Installation of SQL Server
Valarie Regas
  • If it isn't hot, it doesn't deliver: Apache Pinot, Food Delivery and why real-time analytics matter.
Warren Sifre
  • PowerApp Power!!!
  • Power BI Data Governance
  • Introduction to Azure Synapse
John Miner
  • Basic Database Programming
  • Exploring design patterns for Data Integration
  • Effective Data Warehouse Storage Patterns
  • Explore your data lake with Synapse Serverless Pools
  • Audit and Prevent unwanted SQL Server Tables changes
  • Control your data lake with Databricks SQL Warehouse
Austin Steinmetz
  • Designing for executives - How to keep your leaders wanting more.
  • The pre-design framework for data viz
Belinda Allen
  • Power BI Data Modeling for Financial Data
  • User Adoption: Creating and Supporting Power BI Champions
  • Making Power BI easy for end users to encourage adoption
  • Report Design for the Novice Power BI User
Ed Pearson
  • Master Your ADF Environment
Piyush Neekhra
  • Transitioning from an Engineer to an Engineering Manager
  • Management 101 for Engineers
Bradley Ball , Neeraj Jhaveri, Andres Padilla
  • Tales from the Field - Migration to Azure Panel
Sherri McDonald
  • SSRS Inside Power BI. WHAT???
Victor Ivantsov
  • Classic SSIS Solution Management
  • T-SQL Temp Tables Overview
Andres Padilla, Neeraj Jhaveri
  • MLOps with Azure Machine Learning on the Edge
  • Streaming Pipelines with Azure Databricks
Angelica Domenech
  • Securing Your Data: An Introduction to Power BI Security
Brian McDonald
  • Introduction to Azure Data Factory
Austin Libal
  • Embracing the Power of Pagination: A Guide to Transforming your Reports
  • Navigating the Journey: From On-Premises SQL Server to the Azure Cloud
Admira Meskic
  • Getting It Done Right: Data Transformation & Loading using Power BI for Business Analytics
Darius Liktorius
  • Optimize Your SQL Database
  • SQL in the Cloud
Devin Knight
  • Power Automate for Beginners
Gregory Trzeciak
  • School Districts and the Power Platform | Establishing In-Roads at the Macro/Micro Data Scale
  • Accessibility and Power BI : Empowering All Users
Dèjì Akọ́mọláfẹ́
  • Your SQL Server Shouldn't Know That It's Virtualized
Hunter Nelson
  • Search Marketing Fundamentals For Database Consulting Companies
Madhumita Mantri
  • Automated Customer Satisfaction Monitoring
Barkha Herman
  • Creating a Personal Brand for Career Success
  • Realtime Analytics Unleashed: Unlocking the Potential of Data at Scale
Bradley Ball
  • Introduction to SQL Server Essential Concepts
  • Migration to Azure Customer Experiences & Best Practices
  • Indexing Internals for Developers & DBAs
  • Soft Skill eat Technical Skills for Breakfast
Daniel Taylor
  • There Are Nuances: Understand SQL Server Backup and Recovery Options
  • You Want To PaaS Up Your Database, Migrating To Azure SQL
  • Before You Load Your Data – Azure Synapse Analytics Workspace Security
Bradley Ball , Neeraj Jhaveri
  • DBA 101: A Full Day of Fundamentals
Kristyna Hughes
  • Power BI - How to Fix an Inherited Report
  • Power BI - Advanced M Custom Date Table
  • Power BI Meets Programmability – TOM, XMLA, and C#
David Pless
  • Next Level Scalability on SQL Server 2022
  • SQL Server 2022 tempdb - The Uncontended
Cecilia Brusatori
  • Dimensional Data Modeling in Power BI for the very Beginner
  • Analyzing Data with Power BI: The Starter-Kit
James Serra
  • Data Lakehouse, Data Mesh, and Data Fabric
  • Azure Synapse Database Templates
  • How to build your career
  • Learning to present and becoming good at it
  • Enhancing your career: Building your personal brand
Armando Lacerda
  • From Zero to Hero on Synapse Spark pool
  • Azure Synapse Analytics in a day
  • Lakehouse in a nutshell: Serverless SQL pool + Aggs + PowerBI
  • Doing magic and saving money with Azure SQL in a container and Kubernetes service
  • Synapse Pipelines for the SSIS DBA
Steve Jones
  • Branding Yourself for a Dream Job
  • Architecting Zero Downtime Database Deployments
Reinhard Flügel
  • Known T-SQL, but not to everybody (especially beginners)
  • Possiblities and Limitations of System-Versioned Temporal Tables beyond the Basics
Rob Volk
  • Revenge: The SQL!
  • Log Shipping for SQL Server
Joe Kunk
  • SQL Server Security Primer - Least Privilege Access and Protecting Data
  • Reducing Access - Lessons learned migrating MS Access to SQL Server
Gohulan Somanathan
  • Visualize your Own Data analytics with Power BI
Bob Ward
  • SQL Server 2022 and the Wheel of Power
  • The SQL Server 2022 Workshop
Erin Dempster
  • Data Protection Hors d'Oeuvres
  • Reduce Data Processing with PowerShell
  • Automate Deployments with Azure DevOps - Full Day
Michael Antonovich
  • Accessibility Concerns In Your Reporting Style
  • Sir, There's Still a Bias In My Data
Alex Whittles
  • Power BI Composite, Hybrid and Advanced Models
Kevin Feasel
  • Implementing Multivariate Anomaly Detection in Python
  • Perfectly Normal: An Advanced Primer on Normalization
  • Working Effectively with Legacy SQL
  • Data Virtualization in SQL Server 2022
Jean Joseph
  • Intro To Emotional Intelligence
  • Data Pipeline Architecture: Key Design Principles & Considerations
  • Spark SQL Tutorial: An Introductory Guide for Beginners
  • Cleaning and Transforming Data with SQL
  • End-To-End to Synapse Serverless SQL Pool
Ginger Grant
  • Moving Away from Data Flows and Simplifying Data Pipelines in Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Precon: Analytics with Azure Synapse & Power BI