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Starburst Datanova at Data Universe: Modern Data Lake Analytics

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10 Apr 2024

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11 Apr 2024


Javits Center, North New York City, New York, United States

Datanova 2024: The Era of Modern Data Lake Analytics

The way we approach data is being transformed. Change is not just on the horizon; it's already here. Are you ready to embrace it?

  • Modernize with Mastery: Join data leaders as they unveil the secrets of analyzing more (data) with less (cost and complexity).
  • Practitioner Insights: Direct from the trenches, hear from data engineers, architects, scientists, and analysts about their latest advances lighting up dark data in data lakes, lakehouses and beyond.
  • Data debates: The warehouse vs. lakehouse: Who will win? The Zero ETL movement: is it possible? What is the best way to create and share data products? Experts will weigh in to provoke thought.
  • In-depth workshops: Hands on labs provided by our partners where you’ll walk away with new skills.

Are you ready to be a part of the data revolution? Set your coordinates for Datanova. The future of data awaits!

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Call for Speakers
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09 Aug 2023

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03 Nov 2023

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Datanova at Data Universe will bring together the brightest minds, thought leaders, and industry experts to explore the latest trends, best practices, and real-world applications for your data ecosystem. 

The purpose of Datanova is to bring together data enthusiasts, engineers, architects, and leaders interested in all things data. Papers describing advanced and modern data management methodologies and techniques are encouraged. Dedicated case-studies, hands-on labs, as well as technical topics are also invited. Papers describing original work in any of the areas listed below are also encouraged. Acceptance will be based on quality, relevance, and originality. Both presentations and demonstrations are welcome.

Topics of interest:

  • AI/ML
  • Data management
  • Query processing and optimization
  • Big data
  • Cloud migration
  • Data science
  • Data governance
  • Query processing and optimization
  • Data lakehouse
  • Data mesh
  • Cloud data lake use cases
  • Data lake architecture
  • ETL/ELT batch query processing
  • Best practices and use cases for data engineering
  • Data analytics and BI using data warehouses and data lakes

Questions? Reach out to! 

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