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24 Oct 2024



As the data landscape evolves, staying ahead means embracing new technologies. Datanova 2024 is your gateway to exploring how open data lakehouse architectures—powered by Icehouse, Trino, and Iceberg—are reshaping data management.

  • Efficient modernization: Discover from top data experts how integrating Icehouse, Trino, and Iceberg not only modernizes legacy Hadoop environments but also significantly reduces costs associated with traditional data warehouses.
  • Expert insights: Hear from industry experts, data leaders, data engineers, architects, and scientists who are at the forefront of deploying these technologies to scale data analytics and applications efficiently. Their experiences shed light on enhancing analytics capabilities and operational efficiency in an open architecture setup.
  • Informed debates and panels: Join discussions on the transition from closed to open environments, the feasibility of eliminating traditional ETL processes, and the best practices for data product development within open-source frameworks.

Prepare to transform your approach to data analytics at Datanova 2024, where future-focused technologies meet practical implementation.

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Call for Speakers
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02 May 2024

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31 Jul 2024

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Datanova 2024 seeks speakers who are at the cutting edge of data technology, especially those experienced with Icehouse, Iceberg, and Trino. This conference is an opportunity for professionals passionate about open data lakehouse technologies to share insights and innovations.

We are looking for contributions that detail modern approaches to managing and analyzing data, particularly those that offer solutions for reducing reliance on traditional data warehouses, new and existing Trino setups, and effectively scaling open data lakehouse architectures. Submissions should focus on tangible improvements in technology deployment and operation within open architectures.

Topics of special interest:

  • Integrating Icehouse (Apache Iceberg & Trino) for modern data solutions
  • Cost-effective strategies of open table formats with Apache Iceberg, Apache Hudi, and Delta Lake
  • Advanced query optimization with Trino
  • Modernizing legacy Hadoop systems
  • Real-time analytics and data application scalability
  • Governance and security frameworks in open data lakehouses
  • Technical deep dives into ETL/ELT innovations
  • Practical use cases and success stories in open data environments
  • Data foundations for AI / ML
  • Big data engineer best practices
  • Hybrid and cross-cloud architectures
  • Implementing data mesh
  • Democratizing data with data products

We invite you to contribute to the discourse at Datanova 2024, helping shape the next wave of data technology transformations.

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