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Stir Trek 2020

event date

01 May 2020


AMC Easton 30 Columbus, Ohio, United States


Stir Trek 2020 will take place at the AMC Easton Town Center 30 on Friday, May 1st. If you joined us in 2018 or 2019, it's the same great location!

We have funds available to help with travel expenses (up to $250), and will be doubling the number of speaker training slots we have available to 24 this year!

What is Stir Trek? 

Stir Trek is a one-day conference focused on teaching software developers, and others in the industry, the latest and greatest in technologies, techniques, and tools. The full day of content is always concluded with a screening of a blockbuster film on its opening day. Pretty sweet, huh?  

Want Help With Abstracts?    

You may want to consider joining the Stir Trek Slack group to collaborate with other speakers. You can sign up here and join the #speaker-lounge channel: 

Is Travel Covered? 

We are pleased that we'll again be able to offer every speaker a set travel reimbursement of $250.

It can be used for hotels, flights, or fuel. If you have a different expense you’d like to include, please email You’ll need to book your own travel reservations and submit a receipt on or after the day of the event to get reimbursed. 

Is There a Code of Conduct?

Yes! We want Stir Trek to be open and awesome to everyone. Please take a look at our policies and email us at if you have questions that aren't answered.

Our Code of Conduct is here:

Our Commitment to Diversity is here:

Our Anti-Harassment Policy is here:

Session Categories

We're open to all sorts of topics and try to sort them into categories to make it easier for reviewers and attendees to look at the content. If you're not sure where something fits, submit it and contact

To help you think about great topics, here are our categories and example topics:

  • App Dev - Software languages (new, old, interesting), development frameworks, IDEs, developer tools, comparisons of different languages, deep dives, etc.
  • Architecture / Patterns - How software is architected, how to learn to be an architect, real word examples of complex systems, anti-patterns, how data flows through applications and systems, etc.
  • Cloud / Infrastructure - Cloud providers (AWS, Azure, Google), building cloud-native applications, scaling and monitoring systems, cloud migrations, optimization and cost management, networking and server administrator, communications, etc.
  • Data / AI - Data persistence (SQL, NoSQL, storage), AI, ML, analytics, scale, and anything else related to creating/processing/analyzing data.
  • Design - UI, UX, IA, Voice, anything related to how humans and computers interact, etc.
  • DevOps - Containers, source control, CI/CD, work/task management, deployments, orchestration, infrastructure as code, configuration management, etc. 
  • IoT / Maker - Managing devices (edge) and data, working with video devices, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and other microcomputers, 3d printing, circuits, etc.
  • Mobile / Client - Native or hybrid app development, smart watches, omni-channel experience development, etc.
  • Professional Skills / Soft Skills - Non or less technical content about the skills needed to be a successful professional. Leadership, career paths, diversity & inclusion, handling confrontation, mentoring, etc.
  • Security - Building secure systems, security testing, understanding threats, security frameworks, etc.
  • Testing / Quality - Manual testing, automated UI testing, integration testing, building high quality systems, managing risk and quality, etc.
  • Web - Web specific technologies like HTML/CSS/JavaScript, front-end frameworks and tools, web components, Web GL and other standards, browser tools, debugging, accessibility, etc.
  • Misc - Everything else. Got something you think we'd be interested in but not sure where to put it, put it here!
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event fee

free for speakers

We can reimburse $250 of travel expenses (hotel, flight, etc.). See our site for more details. If your travel costs exceed this, please contact