Call for Speakers

Svelte Summit Fall 2022

Call for Speakers is closed. Submissions are no longer possible. Sorry.
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Svelte Summit Fall 2022

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8 Sep 2022

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9 Sep 2022


Life City Stockholm, Sweden

Svelte Summit is finally transitioning properly into the real world. Come join us for two days of awesome Svelte content!

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Call for Speakers
CfS opens at 12:00 AM

23 May 2022

CfS closes at 11:59 PM

23 Jun 2022

This event is in W. Europe Daylight Time (UTC+02:00) timezone.
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Who can submit a talk?

We welcome anyone who wants to share their experience with Svelte to submit a talk to Svelte Summit - Newbies and Experts alike. All we ask is that you respect our Code of Conduct.

Support for new speakers

Want to give a talk, but don't know how? Our team is happy to support you in improving your talk once it's been submitted - we don't bite!

How do we decide which talks are accepted?

The team will be asking the following questions when reviewing submissions:

  • Will the Svelte Community find this topic interesting?
  • Is this topic unique? (across all submissions - we don't want 20 talks on Svelte-Kit...)
  • Is the speaker keen to make the talk the best it can be?
  • All talks are decided on anonymously. Nothing but the talk itself is taken into consideration.
  • The main focus of your talk should be Svelte
  • Talk formats

How long should the talk be?

You should aim for 30 minutes.

What should you talk about?

Want to give a talk, but not sure what to talk about? We've put together a list of topics we think the Svelte community will find interesting below. This is by no means exhaustive - we look forward to being surprised with topics not in this list.

  • Does Svelte Scale
  • Testing
  • Internationalization
  • Deploying
  •  a11y
  • Developer Experience
  • Testing
  • Svelte Kit
  • Analytics
  • Tools/Libraries/Components
  • Theming/styling
  • Abstractions (strategies for deciding how you would do things in Svelte)
  • How to bridge from X to Svelte? Migrations (Sapper & SSR)
  • Application state management
  • Language Features
  • Actions
  • Custom Stores
  • Svelte in production
  • What are you using Svelte for?
  • Embedded software
  • Embedding Svelte in other apps
  • Svelte Native
  • Visual stuff
  • Dataviz
  • Animations

What do I get?

  • Conference fee paid for
  • Speaker dinner the night before/after the event
  • Travel and accommodation costs paid for
  • Meet with a vibrant up-and-coming community that is very excited about the web and Svelte.


expenses covered


expenses covered

event fee

free for speakers

You will get three nights of accommodation covered.