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Trino Summit 2023

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13 Dec 2023

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14 Dec 2023



Trino Summit, this December 2023, is a virtual event that brings together engineers, data analysts, and anyone else who may consider themself to be a Trino contributor or user. As the biggest Trino event of the year, we're excited to bring together professionals from all over big data and analytics so the community can share experiences, insights, make connections, and learn from each other.

Who is Trino Summit for?

  • All members of the Trino community, whether first-time users or long-time contributors.
  • Engineers, analysts, and companies that are powered by Trino.
  • Platform providers and adjacent projects that integrate Trino into their ecosystem or are built alongside Trino.
  • Anyone who is curious to learn more about Trino and how it can help them achieve their goals.
  • The conference is centered around Trino, and whether you're using it for SQL, NoSQL, on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid solutions, we want to hear about your knowledge, experience, and stories.

Session Topics

We welcome submissions on all levels from intermediate to advanced on any of the following topics:

  • Cloud data lake use cases
  • Data lake architecture
  • Apache Iceberg
  • Delta Lake
  • Hudi
  • Industry use cases for Trino
  • Query Federation
  • Data Governance with Trino
  • BI on the data lake
  • Data science and the data lake
  • Data ingestion/migration
  • ETL/ELT batch query processing
  • Working with time series/IoT data on a data lake
  • Best practices and use cases for Trino
  • Data engineering, including streaming architectures
  • SQL analytics and BI using data warehouses and data lakes

Talk time ranges

Lightning talk: 10-20 min

Session talk: 30-45 min

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Call for Speakers
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13 Sep 2023

Call closes at 11:59 PM

12 Nov 2023

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Session Topics

We welcome intermediate to advanced submissions related to any part of the wider Trino ecosystem. Some examples:

  • Cloud data lake use cases
  • Data lake and lakehouse architectures
  • Object storage and formats like Apache Iceberg, Delta Lake, or Hudi
  • Industry-specific use cases for Trino
  • Query federation
  • Data governance with Trino
  • Client tool integrations with BI, visualizations, and dashboards
  • Data science, data engineering, and analytics
  • SQL and the data lake
  • Data ingestion, ETL/ETL, and data pipelines
  • Working with time series/IoT data
  • Deployment and management for your clusters
  • Data engineering, including streaming architectures
  • How and where you run Trino, self-managed, from a vendor, on-prem, cloud, or otherwise

Guidelines for submissions

In general, we expect to see sessions that contain some level of technical detail, whether that's discussing architecture, code, or demos. The event is catering to a technical audience, and attendees are interested in hearing technically-rich content that does more than scratch the surface. Your talk should ideally help listeners understand complex concepts or demonstrate how to apply them to their own use cases. Telling a story or providing real-life scenarios is also a great way to offer lessons that listeners can use to solve similar challenges in their own organizations. Submit a title that catches the interest of the audience along with a short description of 100 to 500 words. Once accepted, we will collaborate with you for a short description that is exposed to the audience in the agenda.

What not to do

Avoid selling a product or pitching your company. It can be helpful to provide background information or highlight the relevant industry for context, but this should not be the focus of the talk. Make sure the topic of the talk is clearly defined and doesn't try to cover too much at once.

event fee

free for speakers