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UNBLOCK – a CI/CD conference by Buildkite.

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Call for Speakers
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18 Aug 2022

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02 Oct 2022

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Unblock is a CI/CD conference by Buildkite.

It brings together Buildkite's developer community online, over 2 days, to connect, share experiences and learn from each other. We're looking to surface interesting stories, cutting edge solutions, ways of working and use of tools that inspire and empower others.

The conference is held over 2 days:

  • December 5 & 6 (NA, AF, EU)
  • December 6 & 7 (APAC)

Presentations can be:

  • 20 or 30 minutes
  • can have more than 1 presenter
  • can span a range of topics in some way involving CI/CD. 

Your narrative should in some way showcase one of these pillars:

  • Flexibility
  • Scalability
  • Security

The audience

Unblock's attendees are primarily Engineering/DevOps practitioners, their roles (not limited to); SRE, Infrastructure Engineer, Software Engineer, with a good mix of Individual Contributors and Technical Managers/Leads.

Some ideas 


  • Are you using Buildkite in unique ways?
  • Have you discovered new tooling or ways of working that have resulted in significant improvements in engineering velocity or team wellbeing and happiness?
  • Are you using flexible and adaptable patterns i.e. building dynamic pipelines at runtime
  • Measuring the value and success of your CI/CD processes and tooling and being accountable and adaptable to the needs of your internal customers


  • Bring us your stories of running hundreds or even thousands of concurrent builds and agents
  • Have you built your own autoscaler?
  • How do you leverage observability, data and deep analytics to optimize your software delivery processes?
  • Infrastructure as Code i.e. how you employ it end-to-end, how you use it to solve specific problems in scaling your engineering team
  • Using Test Analytics to improve Test Suite health and reliability


  • CI/CD/Infra Security best practices - the whys, what definitely not to dos, and hows
  • Secrets, Security and Accountability in your large/complex organization

Talks will be pre-recorded (more information to come) and will be streamed during the conference.

We'd love presenters to be available for Q&A/chat during the streaming of their presentations.

If you have any questions, contact