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WeAreDevelopers Live 2024 (Season 7)

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22 May 2024, 5 Jun 2024, 12 Jun 2024



Hey developers,

WeAreDevelopers LIVE is a free online event series dedicated to all things tech - including tech talks, live coding sessions, and workshops about building great software - all delivered by proven experts and developers from the community.

We are heading into our seventh season of hosting events for our developer community and they are thirsty for new and impactful insights on what's currently hot in tech!

We are excited to invite you to share your knowledge and experience with the community πŸ”ˆ.

Take the opportunity to show your passion for code and speak your mind about programming, coding trends, technologies, open-source projects, tools, and the challenges of tomorrow in software development.

We want to give the (virtual) stage to you!Β 

Our "speaker hall of fame" πŸ† features some of the most well-known like Sir Tim Berners-Lee, John and Brenda Romero, Cassie Kozyrkov, Bjarne Stroustrup, Joel Spolsky, HΓ₯kon Wium Lie, Rasmus Lerdorf, Steve Wozniak, Tanya Janca, and many more – become one of them!


πŸ†• DATES & TOPICS 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣ you can apply πŸ’»πŸ“


πŸ—“ 17 Jan 2024 πŸ‘‰ Java Developer Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 24 Jan 2024 πŸ‘‰ Rust Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 07 Feb 2024 πŸ‘‰ DevOps Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 21 Feb 2024 πŸ‘‰ Python Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 08 Mar 2024 πŸ‘‰ Women in Tech Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 20 Mar 2024 πŸ‘‰ WebDev Day Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 03 Apr 2024 πŸ‘‰ Web3 Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 24 Apr 2024 πŸ‘‰ Cloud Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ Β 08 May 2024 πŸ‘‰ Security Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 22 May 2024 πŸ‘‰ Machine Learning Day - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 05 Jun 2024 πŸ‘‰ Front End Performance Day Β - Submission closed!

πŸ—“ 12 Jun 2024 πŸ‘‰ Queer Tech Day - Submission closed!

Please keep in mind that talk proposals can be submitted up toΒ six weeks before each LIVE day.

Our program committee will be evaluating your submissions on a regular basis therefore don't forget to check your inbox!

Important: Please keep an eye out for "Program finished" in the "track" field, it means we already have enough submissions, or the agenda is already finalized! We will also keep you updated on the agenda above (next to all the event dates & topics!)

Whether you are an experienced speaker or a first-time submitter, we want to hear your idea!Β  So, just take the chance to submit your proposal - everyone has to start somewhere.

We have a new CfP open for our upcoming LIVE days:

open, 3 days left
Call for Speakers
Call opens at 12:00 AM

25 Oct 2023

Call closes at 11:59 AM

22 May 2024

Call closes in W. Europe Daylight Time (UTC+02:00) timezone.
Closing time in your timezone () is .

Call for speakers

You have the talk. We have the audience! We are always looking for curious minds to share their knowledge with the developer community. Apply as a speaker and position yourself in front of our awesome dev community.


βœ… What our attendees are looking for


πŸ” Technical solutions and real-world use cases

πŸ” Something useful and new (code, patterns, approaches)

πŸ” We love live coding!

πŸ” Entertain us and make us laugh

πŸ” Share your ideas, change our mind or inspire us

πŸ” English - as the event is


πŸ“‹ Code of Conduct


We are promoting diversity and inclusion in tech around the year and at our events by supporting local communities, navigating networking opportunities and creating the space for knowledge exchange.

By submitting your idea you agree to follow our Code of Conduct.Β 



Want to know why it’s worth speaking at our online and offline events?


In short:

* Contribute with your knowledge to the community

* Inspire and help other developers from around the world

* Promote yourself in the dev space and expand your reach and recognition in the community

* Get valuable feedback from the audience and level up as a speaker and developer

Help us build a great program by submitting your session. Β 

We are looking very much forward to your content!

➑️ Submit your speaking proposal NOW.

event fee

free for speakers

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