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WTF is SRE? A Virtual Conference by SREs for SREs

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20 May 2021



WTF Is SRE? is a free, one-day, virtual online conference about site reliability engineering, DevSecOps, observability, multicloud, and working with complex distributed systems at scale. Designed by SREs for SREs—because we know what it really means to “hold the pager.

We’ll follow the Sun (kind of) from 12:00 to 22:15 CEST. Are you brave enough to join the full journey?

Don't forget to check our Code of Conduct, we really care about it!

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Call for Speakers
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25 Feb 2021

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No, seriously, WTF is SRE?! 

This is your chance to tell us what you think, submit your talk today and don’t miss the opportunity to join our line-up. It’s on fire!

WTF is SRE? will take place on Thursday 20th May and it’ll follow the Sun from 12:00 to 22:15 CEST. For this very first edition, we’ve decided to focus on three macro areas (which will also be the three virtual tracks at the conference):

  1. Security & DevSecOps
  2. Observability (in the broadest sense)
  3. Multicloud

Looking for more inspiration? Here’s some of the topics we’d love to discuss!

Security & DevSecOps

  • Run time, how do you manage security patches.
  • How do you reduce the attack surface?
  • Network security in the Cloud.
  • What happens to security when you have large and complex systems?
  • Threat models in the time of Cloud Computing.
  • Runtime security monitoring.
  • Compliance in the Cloud Native space.


  • Monitoring Distributed Systems.
  • Tracing failures through a Distributed System.
  • Alerting/visualisation.
  • Analytics
  • Adopting SRE, monitoring SLIs, agreeing on SLOs and SLAs.
  • Error budget like a pro.
  • Shipping operable and observable services.


  • What’s the effect of Multicloud on SRE?
  • How do you manage your ops in a Multicloud environment?
  • What’s the difference between Multicloud and Hybrid Cloud?
  • CI/CD on Multicloud systems.
  • Standardization and keeping it sane on multicloud.

Try to stay on theme, but send us your proposal even if it is a bit off topic, you never know ;)

Deadline for submission is COB Thursday 8th April. 

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