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Bernat Agulló

Bernat Agulló

Partner at Esbrina and Data Platform MVP

Socio en ESBRINA y MVP Data Platform

Barcelona, Spain

Passionate about Power BI in general and DAX and Calculation Groups in particular. Strong background in Excel, T-SQL and SSIS. Stints in Tableau and Qlik.
Coming from Engineering background and working with consulting companies I like understanding the business problem working directly with the customer.

Apasionado de Power BI en general y DAX y grupos de cálculo en particular. Fuerte base de Excel+VBA, T-SQL y SSIS. También he hecho cosas en Tableau y Qlik. Ingeniero industrial de formación, y habiendo trabajado en varias consultoras, me gusta entender el problema de negocio y trabajar directamente con el cliente.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Real Estate & Architecture
  • Consumer Goods & Services


  • DAX
  • Calculation Groups
  • Tabular Editor
  • Tabular Editor Scripts
  • Tabular modeling
  • ETL


Explicando bien los cambios entre dos fotos de estado en

Muchos sistemas de gestión de pedidos o ofertas guardan únicamente la foto actual y tenemos que basarnos en las instantáneas de cada día para reportar tanto los valores actuales como también qué tendencia siguen y más allá, que cambios concretos ha habido entre dos fotos que pueden no ser consecutivas: Cuantos pedidos han entrado, cuantos se han cancelado, cuantos han evolucionado a la siguiente fase. Y más allá, cómo podemos ver fácilmente qué pedidos han sido para poder entender porqué se han cancelado o que tipo de pedidos han entrado nuevos. Este no es un problema nada fácil de resolver, pero veremos una posible implementación de tal informe.

Calculation Groups and C# Scripting for Power BI en

Calculation Groups and C# Scripting do not enjoy broad adoption by the users of Power BI, but not only they are awesome on their own, they are a marriage made in haven. The abstact nature of many calculation groups means that they are very well suited to be automated if we can fix the little bits that change when we use the same calculation group on a different model. On the first half of the session we'll do a deep dive into calculation groups and in the second half we'll learn the most important building blocks (Model / Selection checks, user interaction) to automate them and store the resulting scripts as macros.

Automating calc group creation with C# scripts en

Calculation groups are awesome, but even though the calculations they perform are the same, they often include tables and measures from the model in their expressions. In this session we'll start with calculation groups that already work, and we'll author the c# script to generate the calc group adapted to any model. To customize we'll implement user interaction dialogs so that the script can be stored as macro and used over and over in one click.

Managing a Multi-tenant Power BI organization en

As organizations merge and evolve, you may end up having to manage a Multi-tenant organization. In this session I'll go through the gotchas and lessons learned in a client that wished it only had one tenant, but had 2 instead because formally it was a group of 2 companies. How to handle security, communication, politics and more.

Power BI, Buddhism and mental health en

I started practicing Buddhism (the same one as Tina Turner or Roberto Baggio) in 2006, well before Power BI was launched. In 2010 i moved back to Barcelona from Japan with my wife. My wife spoke almost nothing but Japanese and adapting to Barcelona life proved difficult and her mental health deteriorated progressively. During the pandemic with our two daughters at home her situation worsened and I run the house all alone. Yet it was sitting this period that i started engaging with the Power BI community, and the warmth of the community became a light that helped me get through it. It became too a new stage in which to put my faith into practice.

Pushing Calculation Groups to the extreme en

This training will make you see calculation groups as never before. After a very brief confirmation of the basic and not so basic ground rules, we'll jump into wilder use cases and the possibility to industrialize some of them with c# scripts.

Managing data quality in Power BI en

Data quality is crucial to getting meaningful results in Power BI as in any other tool, but most of the times it is just assumed, and not actively checked. In this session we'll see how to define a data problems dynamic button that shows only when indeed there are any problems and it brings the user to the sheet with the detail of such problems. For data mapping, we'll see how to connect the excel table to the data set to avoid copying new values manually.

Time intelligence in a few clicks en

How to leverage a publicly available script to create a time intelligence calculation group following the best practices of daxpatterns.com

Calculation groups beyond time intelligence en

Time intelligence is the paradigmatic use case for calculation groups, but their potential goes much further. In this session we will explore different use cases from use cases I have seen and some ideas I have come up with.

Introducción a los grupos de cálculo es

Esta sesión entra paso a paso a lo que son los grupos de cálculo, como se pueden aplicar a la inteligencia de tiempo y finalmente presenta un script para generar un grupo de cálculo mediante un script.

Grupos de cálculo más allá de la inteligencia de tiempo es

A menudo se habla solo de la inteligencia de tiempo cuando se habla de grupos de cálculo, pero tiene muchos más casos de uso. En esta sesión presentaremos algunos de ellos, por ejemplo establecer relaciones no modelables, fijar por defecto el mes y año en curso en el filtro y muchos otros

Asegurando la calidad de datos en Power BI es

A menudo no se da suficiente visibilidad a los problemas de datos que puedan existir en un modelo. En esta sesión se presentarán estrategias para capturar errores en la carga de datos, así como relaciones incompletas en el modelo, y una forma dinámica de avisar al usuario si alguno de estos problemas está ocurriendo.

SQLBits 2024 - General Sessions Sessionize Event

March 2024 Farnborough, United Kingdom

Power BI & Fabric Summit 2024 Sessionize Event

February 2024

DATA BASH '23 Sessionize Event

November 2023

Power BI Fest Sessionize Event

November 2021

PASS Data Community Summit 2021 Sessionize Event

November 2021

Bernat Agulló

Partner at Esbrina and Data Platform MVP

Barcelona, Spain

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