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Ahmed Nabil

Ahmed Nabil

Software Tech Lead at Vodafone, Founder of Kotlin Egypt

Cairo, Egypt


Founder and Leader Of Kotlin Egypt, first and largest Kotlin community in Egypt,
helped 100K+ know about Kotlin, Android, and general programming. Created "Learn Programming" initiative helped 500+ people from Egypt, Gulf, UK and more, Joined 1M Arab coders as a mentor,
currently: Software Tech Lead at Vodafone _VOIS, Previously, worked at HungerStation, Gen. C., and more.

Social Links:
Twitter: @AhmedNMahran , @KotlinEgypt

LinkedIn: linkedIn.com/in/AhmedNMahran


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Kotlin
  • Kotlin Multiplatform
  • Android
  • Programming
  • Compose Multiplatform

Create Multiplatform App with Compose and KMP

Hands-on workshop to build an application that works on multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web.
Inshaa' Allah, We will go through:
- preparing the development environment for our KMP project,
- how to structure the app,
- building common UI with Compose multiplatform
- how to make HTTP calls using Ktor,
- dealing with JSON serialization.

A Journey from Callback Hell to Kotlin Coroutines

Talking about Asynchronous programming and different approaches to handle it like, Threading, Rx, callbacks, Futures, Promises, and how is Coroutines different from these approaches, the session will be a story-telling talk.
published articles here:

Compose here, compose there, compose everywhere

Create multiplatform apps with compose for iOS, Android, Desktop, and Web.
In this session, we will give a quick overview about Kotlin multiplatform (KMP), and its capabilities, options from sharing small part to going 100% Kotlin for all platforms with Compose.
Showing a demo at the end of the session to see what compose multiplatform can do.

Session recording

Create Multiplatform Chat App with Compose and Ktor

A workshop in which we will give an intro about compose and Ktor frameworks, then will create a simple socket chat with Ktor and a simple UI with Compose multi platform to run on Android and desktop.

Explore I/O

Online event for students, introducing the concept of cross-platform programming, and how to use android studio bot and gemini to help create apps faster.

March 2024 Cairo, Egypt

Compose Everywhere - Solution Challenge

Participated in a session about Compose multiplatform and how to use in creating apps faster, and benefit from it while providing solutions in solution challenge.
Held at the American university in Cairo, in New Cairo, Egypt.

February 2024 New Cairo, Egypt

droidcon Amman 2024 Sessionize Event

January 2024 Amman, Jordan

Devfest On-Campus Zagazig

Session: Kotlin here, kotlin there, kotlin everywhere,
Introducing Kotlin to university students and exploring its history, how to use Kotlin multiplatform to develop on different platforms.

Announcement post:

Some photos:

December 2023 Zagazig, Egypt

Devfest On-campus Alexandria 23

Build Apps Faster with AI using Android Studio Bot

talked about AI, it's usages, Android Studio Bot as an example, and made a live demo on how to use it to create apps faster.

December 2023 Alexandria, Egypt

Devfest Cairo 23

Workshop [Advanced]: Compose Multiplatform for iOS, Android, and Desktop
Talk: Staying up-to-date in the AI Era

December 2023 Cairo, Egypt

DevFest Helwan 23

Increase Productivity with AI using Android Studio Bot

December 2023 Cairo, Egypt

Google IO Extended Cairo 23

Session: What's new in Kotlin and Android

August 2023 Cairo, Egypt

MENA Digital Days - Build a kotlin multiplatform app using AI

A session about AI and how to use generative AI to create a Kotlin Multiplatform App

June 2023

GDSC Fayoum Scope Game - Chat GPT

An Intro about Generative UI and Chat GPT

March 2023 Al Fayyum, Egypt

Kotlin Multiplatform - IWD Beni Suef 2023

introduction about kotlin multiplatform to university students

March 2023 Banī Suwayf, Egypt

MENA Digital Days - Chat GPT, A friend or an enemy

Discussion the future of AI and whether it will replace developers

February 2023

Programming Stream, From a call center agent, to a SW tech lead at Vodafone.

Talking in a podcast about my journey in programming, how I started, what are the impediments I faced, how I overcame them, and advices to junior developers and students.

January 2023 Cairo, Egypt

Devfest Cairo 22

1- Panel Discussion
2- Intro to Kotlin Multiplatform
3- Hackathon mentor and judge

December 2022 New Cairo, Egypt

MENADD - Consume APIs with Ktor in Kotlin Multiplatform

Intro to Ktor and how to use it in KMP

November 2022

droidcon Egypt 2022 Sessionize Event

October 2022 Cairo, Egypt

Droidcon Egypt 22

Talk: A journey from callback hell to Kotlin Coroutines
Workshop: Create Chat App for Android and Desktop with Compose Multiplatform

Some photos

October 2022 Cairo, Egypt

Google IO Extended Helwan 22

August 2022 Cairo, Egypt

Devfest Damanhour 22

January 2022 Alexandria, Egypt

Devfest Alexandria 21 - A journey from callback hell to Kotlin coroutines

January 2022 Alexandria, Egypt

Kotlin Multiplatform - Devfest Ismailia 21

October 2021 Ismailia, Egypt

MENA Digital Days

Kotlin-Java Interoperability

June 2021

MENA Digital Days

Classes and Objects in Kotlin

March 2021

MENA Digital Days

Intro to Kotlin and its relation to Android development

February 2021

Become an Android developer

December 2020 Banī Suwayf, Egypt

Devfest Saudi 2020 - Intro to Jetpack Compose

Online event - Devfest 2020 Saudi Arabia

October 2020 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

GDG Jeddah, Using Coroutines in Android

Walked through the a coroutines in android code lab with attendees, and showed how we can benefit from coroutines to achieve async programming in Android, online event. in collaboration with GDG Jeddah.

August 2020 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Kotlin 102 - GDG Jeddah

continuing a series of Kotlin topics in collaboration with GDG Jeddah, talked more in an online event about functions, classes, and java interoperability in Kotlin

June 2020 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Introduction to Kotlin - GDG Jeddah

Online session in collaboration with GDG Jeddah, Saudi Arabia chapter, talked about Kotlin, how it compares to Java, and how to use it in android development

May 2020 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Software Freedom day 2017 - Intro to Kotlin

December 2017 Shibīn al Kawm, Egypt

Introduction to Kotlin

October 2017 6th of October City, Egypt

Kotlin Knight 2017 - Kotlin Egypt

July 2017 Cairo, Egypt

Android Bootcamp - IEEE Minia

6-day bootcamp to teach students advanced android development in collaboration with IEEE Minia univertisy

February 2017 Minya, Egypt

Ahmed Nabil

Software Tech Lead at Vodafone, Founder of Kotlin Egypt

Cairo, Egypt


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