Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi

Information & Communications Technology

Health & Medical

Android & iOS Application Engineering Augmented Reality Mobile Development Healthcare Technology Technical Fashion Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning & AI

Palo Alto, California, United States

Siamak (Ash) Ashrafi

CTO, ZoeWave - Wearable for Life

BioData Scientist @ MassWerx Biotech using machine learning (TensorFlow/Scikit-learn) to analyze biological data.

Enthusiastic mobile (Android & iOS) developer, designer, author, instructor, and public speaker supporting the mobile ecosystem
(patents, JavaOne Rock Star & 3x Amazon Code Ninja).

Designed a 15 week course "Technology is the new Black" researching Fashion Tech (AI/ML, Blockchain & 3D Printing) for AAU.

Speaking Events:

From all accounts should have been killed ☠️by all three phases of water 🌊.
Solid: Boarding blizzard snow 🏂, Liquid: Surfing storm waves 🏄‍ and Vapor: Sailing hurricane winds ⛵️ ... Lucky & Glad to be alive!