Bronwen Zande

Bronwen Zande

Director - Soul Solutions

Brisbane, Australia


Bronwen is a developer based in Brisbane who likes to play with new technology. She is an organiser of DDD Brisbane, a Microsoft MVP and Regional Director, WTM Ambassador, Coralus (formally SheEO) activator and wildlife carer who loves to travel the world and take photos.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Government, Social Sector & Education


  • Ethics in AI
  • Ethics in Tech
  • Accessability
  • Development
  • Emerging Technologies
  • All things data
  • Azure Data & AI
  • Software Development
  • AI
  • .NET
  • C#.Net
  • dotNet
  • Visual Studio / .NET
  • .NET Backend

From Dormant to Dynamic: Upcycling Documents with AI

Substantial proportions of valuable information lies dormant and undiscovered within documents, spanning formats like PDF, Word, and Excel. This untapped reservoir of information is cumbersome to access in large quantities in meaningful ways until now.

The goal is to unlock the dormant potential within your day-to-day operations and customer datasets, turning it into accessible and actionable intelligence.

Imagine the possibilities when you revitalise and extract meaningful value from these documents using the latest user-friendly AI tools and APIs.

In this talk you will discover practical strategies for various levels of effort, from simple to when things start to get tough.

Data Unleashed: A Developer's Perspective on Navigating the Architecture Maze

In today's data-driven world, organisations recognise the immense value of data as a strategic asset. With the potential to revolutionize decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, and provide a competitive edge, effective data management has become paramount. However, the ever-expanding range of data architectures and philosophies presents a challenge when determining the most suitable approach.
In this talk, we will look at the landscape of data architectures and philosophies from the perspective of a developer. We delve into the key players: databases, data warehouses, data factories, data lakes, and data meshes. We aim to illuminate the strengths and weaknesses of each architecture, enabling you to make informed choices for your organisation's data strategy.
Join us as we compare and contrast these architectures, unveiling the unique capabilities they offer. Choosing the right data architecture and philosophy is no easy feat. That's why we'll equip you with the necessary insights and learnings to navigate this complex decision-making process. Learn how to align your organisation's unique needs as we discuss the factors to consider, such as scalability, practicality, data retention, integration requirements, and latency.

Surviving the AI Revolution: Strategies and Tools for Thriving in the Future of Tech

The rise of artificial intelligence is transforming the tech landscape at an unprecedented pace, creating new challenges and opportunities for professionals in the field. In this talk, we'll explore the practical strategies and tools you need to not only survive but thrive in the AI revolution.
We'll dive into the changes and challenges that come with the rise of AI and examine specific tactics you can take to adapt and succeed in this new era. You'll learn about the latest AI tools and technologies, including automated code tools, machine learning algorithms, and natural language processing, and how to leverage them to your advantage.
Through real-world examples and expert insights, you'll gain a deeper understanding of how AI is transforming the tech industry and how you can stay ahead of the curve. Whether you're an experienced developer or just starting out, this talk will equip you with the essential knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the AI revolution.

50 Shades of Grey–Ethics In A World of Ever-Growing AI

It is the best of times, and the worst of times. We are in an age where technologists can use their skills to make amazing, positive impacts on people’s lives. With these seemingly boundless possibilities also allows us to slide into a slippery slope where the same technology can be used to harm.

In this session Bronwen will cover areas of technology that can be used to help or hinder and question the increasing use of AI to bring these abilities into the hands of everyday people. She does not hold the right answers to these questions, instead wants to foster open discussion and questions on our responsibility as ethical technologists to help drive the use of technology for good.

Building Better Systems: Boosting Accessibility for the Default Mode Network

Fact: Your brain is lazy. If you have ever driven somewhere and on arrival don't remember the details of the journey you have experienced using your Default Mode Network. Autopilot, muscle memory and more broadly habit make up about 40% of our days. How can we harness this phenomenon to build better systems that focus on the Understandable and Robust principles of accessibility?

In this session we will discuss the science behind habit, cover some of the good and bad ways systems disrupt a flow and round off with strategies you can use in building your systems and using others.

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Bronwen Zande

Director - Soul Solutions

Brisbane, Australia


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