Bryden Oliver

Bryden Oliver

Bryden Oliver - SSW Cloud Solution Architect

Brisbane, Australia

Bryden is a Solution Architect with over 25 years professional experience. He has a wealth of knowledge from a diverse range of areas but with particular focus on database, web services, Microsoft Azure and SaaS based solutions. He has an enormous amount of experience working with developers on database performance. He's had dealings with customers ranging from the world's largest companies right through to small business. He has a strong understanding of how software will deliver business value to his customers.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • cloud-native software architecture
  • Continuous Software Development
  • Enterprise Software
  • Databases
  • Microsoft (Azure) Databases

Life the Universe and Everything - Lessons Learned from 42 Years in Software

In technology terms, Bryden has been around since dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Bryden has worked with punch cards all the way through to modern cloud computing. Join Bryden as he takes us on a light hearted romp through all the technology trends, fashion disasters and management techniques that have come and gone over his career. Gasp, as he reminds you that you can write code in 1 kilobyte. You'll learn why some things work the way they do. And most importantly he'll try and show how what's new and amazing now builds entirely on what has come before. He will also convince you that the key traits required to succeed in the technology field haven't changed either. You'll leave amused and energised for whatever the next decade throws at us.

Super fast transactions in low milli-seconds using Cosmos DB and Redis

Need a way to make your code behave like Cosmos has transactions. Let Bryden Oliver show you how he solved this problem on a large high throughput system. The end result is a cost effective, scalable and extremely performant solution.

Database Performance for Software Developers

An introduction to managing database performance for software developers. This workshop focuses on SQL Server, .NET and Entity Framework Core to give a broad understanding of database performance. It also covers monitoring performance and what actions to take when issues are identified.
Topics will include:
- Top 15 database performance improvement techniques
- Indexing
- Monitoring performance
- Entity Framework and how that fits in
- Some tips to get useful information from Entity Framework

Cosmos DB Performance and Cost Management explained

Are you thinking of using Cosmos? Let Bryden Oliver walk you through the performance and cost management pitfalls. He'll take you through:
- What workloads is Cosmos best for
- How to design your storage
- Designing documents optimally
- Understanding cost
- Optimizing your RU usage
- Achieving maximum throughput for minimum cost
- Getting great read performance as part of adding High Availability

We'll talk in detail through 2 specific workloads and explain how these were optimised for cost and performance.
Discuss using Cosmos as a landing zone for your data, then building a data pipeline to archive that data somewhere cheaper for long term analysis. Building on all the advantages of Cosmos and architecting around the disadvantages.

Azure on a Budget - Building in the cloud without breaking the bank

About to embark on a new project in Azure and want to know how much it'll cost to run, or already have one and need to get the cost down? In this talk, join Bryden Oliver as he walks you through how to manage cost.
Some of the topics he'll cover include:
- Managed vs unmanaged services
- Understanding your expected workload
- Choosing the right tier
- Understanding the pricing calculator and Azure pricing pages
- Monitoring, alerting and tuning the costs once deployed
- The hidden costs you may not expect
- Balancing cost with other priorities (like availability or security)
- Starting small and scaling up, understanding how costs will change
There'll be examples and plenty of anecdotes from many years of experience designing large Azure based systems.

Advanced SQL Server Performance for Developers

As a developer most of the time your SQL Server performance issues are indexing issues. But what if they are not? Join Bryden Oliver as he takes you on a whirlwind trip through the world of database performance tuning. He'll cover how to identify the key symptoms of your issue and then how to drilldown to identify root causes. We'll cover I/O, CPU and memory pressure, locking and blocking, tempdb issues and deadlocks. Why are all of these bad, why is this happening and what can you do about it. This will give you a new appreciation for the difficulties DBAs face and help those who don't have DBAs around, enough background to solve most issues. Finally I'll throw you at a smorgasbord of fantastic free resources that will let you fill in the details when you encounter these problems in the wild.

Database Performance for Developers: Do you have a Plan?

Are your applications running at a snail's pace? Have you been wracking your brain trying to identify the source of the bottleneck? Don't worry, Bryden is here to help! Join him in this session and he'll take you on a journey of discovery to unearth the root cause of your database performance issues. Focussing on indexing, he'll show you the tips, tricks and techniques to get your application moving at the speed of light. Developers of all levels are welcome to join in this exciting adventure - no prior database experience needed. So, put on your detective hats and get ready to solve the mysteries of database performance!

This session is aimed at making databases more accessible to developers. Aimed squarely at SQL Server, it contains lots of little tips and tricks along the way to help quickly and easily identify problem queries.

Top Database Performance Techniques

Discover the secrets to unlocking lightning-fast database performance! In this engaging presentation, Bryden will guide you through a range of tried-and-true techniques that will revolutionize the way you approach database optimization. With plenty of live demos along the way, you'll gain a deep understanding of each technique and learn how to apply them to your own databases. From the simplest tips to more advanced techniques, this session has something for everyone. Get ready to take your database performance to the next level!

This session is aimed at making databases more accessible to developers. Aimed squarely at SQL Server, it contains lots of little tips and tricks along the way to help quickly and easily identify problem queries.

Bryden Oliver

Bryden Oliver - SSW Cloud Solution Architect

Brisbane, Australia

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