James Chambers

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Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

James Chambers

Obtrusive Defect Mastermind/Cool Guy

James is a husband, father, developer, speaker, mentor and author, and one of the ASP.NET Monsters on YouTube. He is the Project Lead for the Humanitarian Toolbox's AllReady project, coordinating over 100 contributors from around the globe. James also co-develops the GenFu open source project. He spends his days writing C# code, moving projects to Azure and trying to do things that Future James likely wouldn't sign off on. If he's not coding, you can usually catch him taking something apart with his kids that his wife doesn't approve of, or spending time with the family outdoors. The surprise twist? James is also the co-founder and pastry chef at Chez Angela Bakery and Café. Because code+croissants = awesome.