Claire Edgson

Claire Edgson

Capgemini - Microsoft DXC CTO Europe

Kidderminster, United Kingdom


Microsoft Fast Track Recognised Architect. I have 30+ years experience in Data Analytics, Infrastructure and Integration Architecture. 20+ years of Microsoft Business Applications and Azure, including SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365CE, FO & HR. Business experience as IT Manager and IT Director allows Claire to work closely with customer IT teams and understand their pain through transformation programs.
6 years experience with Power platform architecture and design, with Dataverse (CDS), SharePoint, SQL , Azure cognitive services, Azure Blob and Azure datalakes. I am passionate about Learning new things and sharing that knowledge with others as well as being incredibly passionate about the outcomes we give our customers.
My prime focus is on Security, Governance and Integrations with the PowerPlatform.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft Power Automate
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Microsoft Azure DevOps
  • Microsoft (Azure) Data Platform
  • Microsoft Business Applications
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services
  • Dynamics 365

Weave your own Fabric and Power Platform Solution

Come join us for a hands on workshop day exploring and building with Microsoft Fabric and Power Platform. Weaving together these exciting low-code platforms to create real working solutions for a business use case.

In this workshop we will take a real business problem and work through a design and straight into building the solution. You will get a chance to work with data in Fabric and Dataverse together. And then bring ing Apps and Flows from Power Platform to add that business interaction and of course Power BI to report on it all.

A fast, fun, demo filled workshop showing Power Platform and Fabric working together at their best.

Turn your Microsoft CoE starter Kit into your Center of AWESOME

Have you heard of the Microsoft Center of Excellence Starter kit? Ever gotten your hands dirty with all of the great functionality under the hood? In this session, I will do a deep dive into the standard Microsoft CoE starter kit and how you can turn this into a REAL Center of Awesome by tweaking, tuning, twisting, and configuring some of these elements!

Realise the Awesomeness of the CoE kit, genuinely understanding what it REALLY does, how to use it, and when!
Understand how CoE applies to the day-to-day strategy and management of the Power Platform.

The Sorcery of Virtual Tables for Power Platform

Grab your wands and broomsticks and get on board to visit the Magical world of Virtual Tables. Dive into the use cases, and the connectors' best practices, demo of set up of SQL azure Virtual tables , ALM considerations and solution best practices. View different ways to use virtual tables in your apps and flows.

Monitor your Platform

Buckle up for a fast and furious Deep Dive into the world of App insights with Power platform, Azure Monitor and Azure Sentinel, reporting and day-to-day management. The good the bad and the Ugly of what works and how to set up. This is your chance to get a view of what is possible in individual app monitoring and also managing and monitoring your platform from azure.

Manage and Scale your platform

Sometimes, giving control feels like losing control. Are you interested in gaining more visibility and control of what goes on in your Power Platform environment? You can do this with less effort while leveraging the new powerful governance tools for the Power Platform. In this session, we will share some insight on the dos and don’ts of Power Platform governance in your organization and how these tools can help instill the governance operation:-
• Tenant-wide analytics
• Tenant isolation
• DLP for custom connectors
• Control actions
• Managed environment

Keeping your windows open and doors locked? Understanding Power Platform Security

Have you thought of the best practices or security design considerations when planning your Power Platform architecture? In this session, we will discuss the best approach for securing Power Platform in your organization based on real-life scenarios. Emphasis will be placed on environment security, data loss prevention, and security concepts in Dataverse and surrounding architecture, like SharePoint, SQL, and the use of REST APIs

Empowering Your Business with IoT and Power Platform Integration: Use Cases and Practical Examples


We will be speaking about integrating IoT (Internet of Things) with Power Platform, specifically highlighting use cases such as collecting data from sensors, sending commands to IoT devices from Power Apps, and taking action based on data from sensor. This session will focus on the benefits of integrating IoT and Power Platform, as well as demonstrating how the two technologies can work together seamlessly.


IoT is becoming increasingly prevalent in today's world, and businesses are looking for ways to harness its power. This session will provide insights into the possibilities of IoT and Power Platform integration, and help businesses understand how they can leverage this technology.


The session will be delivered as a live presentation by two experienced professionals. They will use a combination of slides, demonstrations, and interactive Q&A to engage with the audience.

Claire will start the presentation by introducing the concept of IoT and Power Platform, followed by a discussion on the benefits of integrating the two technologies. Ashiq will then demo & showcase practical examples of IoT and Power Platform integration through use cases such as collecting sensor data, sending commands to IoT devices & usage of proximity sensors.

Throughout the session, both presenters will engage in a dynamic discussion and provide real-world examples to help attendees understand the integration process. Finally, they will conclude the session by highlighting key takeaways and answering any questions from the audience.


After attending this session, the audience will:

• Understand the benefits of integrating IoT and Power Platform
• Gain knowledge of practical use cases of IoT and Power Platform integration
• Learn how to collect data from sensors and display it in Power BI dashboard
• Discover how to send commands to IoT devices from Power Apps
• Explore ways to take action based on sensor data to make informed decisions for their business.

Day in the life of Power platform Security from Azure to on premise, Dataverse to Sharepoint

Get Ready to roll with Compliance in your Business and Power platform. Enjoy a fun deep dive on security in the platform, Connector considerations and security limitations and benefits of working with data gateways to on-premise and Azure services, including looking security with SQL on-premise and in Azure . Building Compliance Models that your Security team can understand and support you with.

Claire Edgson

Capgemini - Microsoft DXC CTO Europe

Kidderminster, United Kingdom


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