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Information & Communications Technology

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Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands

Daniël te Winkel


Working over 25 years in the field, Daniël is an experienced software developer. Since .NET 2.0 he is professionally using C# and .NET. The last four years Daniël is an active Azure Developer and Azure Architect for Betabit. Together with, and for, their customers he creates valuable software based on Azure PaaS. This is done with great fun and passion. DaniëI also speaks at events such as the Global Azure Bootcamp.

Current sessions

Getting sh*t done with Azure Functions (on AKS)!

This session is packed with ways of making you more productive with Azure Functions. From tips & tricks to running Azure Functions on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). From using Managed Identities to implementing the new Dependency Injection. Join us during this session and walk out with a well-filled toolbox ready to get sh*t done with Azure Functions!

Running Azure Functions in AKS, or any other Kubernetes deployment, is very well possible. But be prepared for a few pitfalls. We will show you these pitfalls, and how to avoid them.

If you use Managed Identities, your applications will be more secure. We'll tell you why, our demos will show you how! We'll use Managed Identities to securely connect to other Azure resources like Azure Key Vault.

Azure Functions V 2.x now supports Dependency Injection, leveraging the ASP.NET Core Dependency Injection features. We will show you how to configure and use DI.