Django Lohn

Django Lohn

A Microsoft 365 #PowerPlatform #MVP @ InSpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Office365 changed my career: from Business Key User to Empowering Consultant thanks to the #EasyToDealWith Microsoft Stack.
Then Power Platform came and it changed my way-of-life: now building low-code/no-code Business Applications on a daily basis 💪👍.


Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Finance & Banking
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Government, Social Sector & Education
  • Law & Regulation


  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • Power Platform
  • Power Apps
  • SharePoint Online
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Power Pages
  • Dynamics 365 and Power Platform

Power Platform Managed Environments Pipelines

Heard about Managed Environments of the Power Platform? Enabling this feature in an environment gives you possibilities to “manage your environment” and its Low Code Business Applications even easier.
Now our Low Code Business Applications also have a Low Code Application Lifecyle Management (ALM) mechanism. Let’s have a look at the brand new functionality of Pipelines that can move along Power Platform Solutions from one Power Platform Environment to the next 🚀.

Power Apps Monitor: low-code high-pro bug squashing 🐞

The recently released as general available functionality of Power Apps Monitor explained in a way that you can start using it immediately to optimize Power Apps performance and eliminate bugs at the same time!

Flow your Work better with Adaptive Cards

Stop emailing! 📤📥
Why send emails when people have finally accepted Microsoft Teams as their hub for collaboration??

Join me in 2 real life use cases where Adaptive Cards have replaced the jungle of email inboxes 😵
I will explain these cases with real demo's from a user perspective and for each case, a show&tell for power users about the wondering world of using Power Automate Flow with Adaptive Cards in Microsoft Teams to replace those bothersome email.

Modern Approval of Documents with Power Automate

Teams, SharePoint and document Collaboration... how can your team make sure that documents are approved and signed off by the right persons, at the right moment, with an easy-to-do experience and all data logged in an audit proof way?
Get to know all the ins & outs about how to let a Power Automate Flow help you automate and guide the document approval of your teams documents 💪🏼👍🏼

Common Sense in the Common Data Service

Upgrade your Common Data Service skills in best practices on setting up the Common Data Service in a Power Platform Environment for optimized Application Lifecycle Management and fastest development using Power Apps and Power Automate

Power Platform Unchained

An a-z business application demo and explanation using enterprise functionalities of the Power Platform (including Common Data Service, Power Apps, Power Automate & Power BI) combined with the best of Office365 (like Microsoft Teams & SharePoint)

Power Apps Portals: Powered Upp extranet in a box

A basic introduction on Power Apps Portals and everything you need to know on getting started.

The Flow Express to Power Automate SharePoint

Most common actions, expressions and tips when using the out-of-the-box SharePoint actions in Power Automate (formerly known as Microsoft Flow) related to real life business case scenario's.

European SharePoint Office365 & Azure Conference

Application Lifecycle Management in Power Platform can be a lot of manual imports / exports. Solutions, Power Apps, Power Automate Flows… Let Azure DevOps Pipelines help you take away the manual management of your Business Applications ?. Not only exporting solutions from your development environment but also import these solutions to any environment you choose. As a bonus you will even have a versioned backup of all your source code! In this session the basics on my journey into Azure DevOps Pipelines for Power Platform are shared to make a quick start ?

Benefits of Attending this Session:

- Get to know Azure DevOps Pipelines for Power Platform
- Use Azure GIT to store and version your source code(s)
- Automate the ALM activities of your Power Platform Solutions

November 2022 Copenhagen, Denmark

Automatiseer je Power Platform Solution deployments (inclusief diner)

Of je nu zelf bezig bent als citizen developer, de business zal ondersteunen als functioneel beheerder, geconfronteerd wordt met business applicaties als IT-administrator of strategische voordelen ziet als management --> het Power Platform is er, het wordt gebruikt en het zal niet weggaan!

Deze workshop is speciaal voor iedereen die zich bezighoudt met het maken, beheren en releasen van Power Platform Solutions.

Hoe kunnen we het concept van Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) inzetten in het Power Platform? De bekende Ontwikkel-Test-Acceptatie-Productie (OTAP) aanpak kan een hoop handmatig werk vereisen.

We gaan zien hoe een tool als Azure DevOps daarin ons leven kan vergemakkelijken. We gaan aan de slag met Azure DevOps Pipelines, Git Repositories en Power Platform Solutions. Vergeet je laptop niet mee te nemen!

Welke onderwerpen komen aan bod?
· Development-test-acceptance-production strategie
· Source code management
· Pipeline automation

November 2022 Amstelveen, Netherlands

Microsoft Ignite After Party @InSpark

Robbert Kelder, CTO van InSpark zal als dagvoorzitter jullie verwelkomen en verschillende MVP's en InSpark principal consultants zullen in een panel de dialoog aangaan over de aankondigingen. Let's empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

November 2022 Amstelveen, Netherlands

PowerAddictsNL User group

May 2022

EPPC - Creating a Shareable Business Application in Dataverse for Team

Speaking on Creating a Shareable Business Application in Dataverse for Teams for EUROPEAN POWER PLATFORM CONFERENCE (EPPC22).

April 2022 Berlin, Germany

November 2021 DIWUG Meetup

Sessie 1: Power Platform & Azure DevOps Pipelines - Django Lohn, MVP
Voor de Citizen Developers die al bezig zijn met Power Platform Solutions --> er is een manier om ons leven makkelijker te maken.
Ben jij Power Platform Solutions aan het maken, ben jij deze "business app" pakketjes handmatig aan het exporteren/importeren van de ene omgeving naar een andere en sla je daarbij (aparte) versies op in een (SharePoint) folder structuur? Laat mij je meenemen in een eerste korte verkennende reis in Azure DevOps en hoe Pipelines ons kunnen helpen 💪👍

November 2021

Microsoft 365 Collaboration Bootcamp 2021

Dataverse for Teams supports the most important Power Platform functionalities within the comfort of Microsoft Teams. Power Apps, Power Automate Flows and even Power Virtual Agents deployed in your own team! Join me in the need-to-knows on extending your Power Platform journey within Dataverse for Teams focusing on reusability and Application Lifecycle Management options.

August 2021

Dutch Microsoft Cloud Call

June 2021

ESPC21 Online

ESPC provides SharePoint, Office 365 & Azure professionals with the expert content and connections to help you achieve professional success.

June 2021

Meetup: MS Dynamics, a Powerful Platform

Tijdens de meetup op donderdag 20 mei nemen we je mee en brengen we je op de hoogte van de ontwikkelingen op het gebied van het Power Platform, Power Automate en Power Apps. Hoe heeft Microsoft dit bedacht en wat kan je ermee in combinatie met je traditionele ERP of CRM omgeving?

May 2021


Tutorial Turbo Tuesday: How to perform a Power Automate Modern Approval with attachments

January 2021


Tutorial Turbo Tuesday: How to replace emails with Microsoft Teams Adaptive Cards

October 2020

#DPAFUG Meetup September 2020

Master Adaptive Cards in Microsoft Teams - By looking at a few real live business cases, we will have a look under the hood and see how easy we can combine Power Automate with Microsoft Teams. Hopefully we will realize that we can stop emailing or at least email way less.

September 2020

SharePoint Saturday Warsaw 2020

September 2020 Warsaw, Poland


June 2020 's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands

365 Saturday Amsterdam 2020

365 Saturday event in Amsterdam for a day full of free learning. We will have breakout sessions for Power Platform, Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, and a lot more!
My session = Power Platform Solutions fundamentals

March 2020 Amsterdam, Netherlands

SharePoint Saturday Oslo 2019

December 2019 Oslo, Norway

Power Platform World Tour Milan

Two days of exceptional content designed for the Citizen Developer, Technical, Business and New Users in 32+ breakout sessions.
My session = PowerApps Portals: Powered Upp extranet in a box

November 2019 Milan, Italy

Django Lohn

A Microsoft 365 #PowerPlatform #MVP @ InSpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands