Gervais Johnson

Information & Communications Technology

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Carmel, Indiana, United States

Gervais Johnson

Lean-Agile Transformation Leader

Gervais is a fearless and adaptive individual where delivery results and customer delight is paramount. Being one of the early Agile leaders and innovation focus pioneers; I find myself supporting mature and growth-stage companies with Agility and emergent technology adoptions.

Past IBM leader of Agile and Innovation since 1998. Led Agile, Innovation and Emergent Technology Adoptions and Transformations for 18 companies; trained, mentored, and coached in excess of 6000 people.

Currently Lean-Agile Transformation leader at Eli Lilly.

Founder of Impavid Consulting Inc and the Institute of Engineering and Management. Home of Organization Change via DEMO and Impavid Agile, IEMAgile, Agile EcoSystem and Gateway to Agile.

Chair for Lean-Agile Frontiers. Bringing Academia together with Industry expanding our future.