Jan Ketil Skanke

Jan Ketil Skanke

MVP Enterprise Mobility, MVP Security, Partner CloudWay

Oslo, Norway

Jan Ketil is an Enterprise Mobility MVP since 2016 and are working as a COO and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay in Norway. He has been working in the industry for Microsoft Partners and Microsoft for more than 20 years. He loves to speak about anything around Endpoint Management, Identity, Security and Automation. He is also the lead for both community conferences Experts Live Norway and Nordic Virtual Summit. Jan Ketil has presented at large industry conferences like Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft Inspire, MMS, TechMentor HQ, Experts Live Europe, WPNinja and NIC Conference in Oslo. He is also a regular speaker at various User Group events across Europe.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Enterprise Mobility and Security
  • Identity
  • mobile device management
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Client
  • modern workplace
  • Security & Compliance
  • Security

Take control of your Autopilot setup in 30 minutes

This 30 minutes session will be packed with tips on how to get your Autopilot setup production ready.

Proactive Remediations and Azure Functions better together

If you manage Windows device with Intune and have ever been in need of retrieving data from Intune or Azure AD, or perhaps want to learn more how you can securely send log data from your devices to Log Analytics, you don't want to miss out on this demo heavy session.

In this session we dig deep into the concepts of automation for cloud managed devices, how to make sure communication between the device and backend is secure and is only coming from a trusted device in your organization.

We'll share best practices on how to secure your automations in a cloud-first world when retrieving data from Intune or Azure AD in scripts running locally on the device and which Azure services to leverage to accommodate everything.

Enhance your Intune reporting and inventory with Azure Monitor and Kusto

Microsoft Endpoint Managers cloud reporting framework is based on Azure Log Analytics, and there is a whole new world of possibilities that has just come our way.

Learn what is built-in and different was to collect more data via custom inventory solutions and build your own Azure Monitor Workbooks to visualize the data YOU care about.

Learn how to get on top of your Windows Update patching with Update Compliance

Learn how you can use this data to build automation, alerting and monitoring of your environment.

Beyond Passwords - Securing your identities in Microsoft 365

Security of your identities is crucial in the cloud. With Microsoft 365 we have many options and tools to make sure our identities can stay as secure as possible while at the same time we keep our users productive. Your identity is also what defines what and how you can access your resources in the cloud.

Learn how to protect both your standard users and all the privileged accounts in Azure AD. Join in on a journey from password strategies, identity protection, privileged identity management, conditional access all the way over to a password-less world.

Hva er egentlig "Modern Management" og hvordan kommer vi dit?

Hva er egentlig "modern management" ? Begrepene er mange og uklare, det er ikke alltid lett å vite hvilke løsninger som skal brukes når.
Denne sesjonen vil ta for seg begrepene og vise veien fra klassisk managment til moderne management.

Endpoint Analytics - La dine data jobbe for deg.

45 min om Endpoint Analytics i Intune. Kan gå mer i detalj nærmere dato med tanke på at dette er i preview nå og mye skjer på området

Android Management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Android is becoming quite a growth area for Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Android is after all the most widely used mobile platform in the world. In this session Peter will take you through your options for Android with Endpoint Manager and how you should and shouldn't be managing your devices.

The World According To Endpoint Analytics

Endpoint analytics brings valuable information from your endpoints, direct to you the Endpoint admin.

Understand about why your devices are being powered down, the performance deltas between different builds of Windows 10, and most cool of all, using Proactive Remediation's to script your own solutions to gather information, apply fixes, and more.

Endpoint Analytics and proactive remediation

Endpoint Analytics is a new analytics solution from Microsoft that aims to increase user productivity by shifting focus from being reactive to being proactive. In order to be proactive, you need insight into data you can measure against. Endpoint Analytics consists of 3 components
– Redommended Software
– Startup Performance
– Proactive remediations
In this session we will go through all 3 components, while Proactive Remediations is the area we will spend the most time on.

Introducing Intune BIOS & Driver Control

Traditional ConfigMgr admins have grown up with tight control measures to allow them to deploy driver and BIOS packages. Over the past year in particular though, the focus has shifted away to direct management of devices through Intune.

In this scenario you can use automatic updating of drivers form Microsoft through update rings, or utilise OEM software to ensure you are always on the latest build. The issue is though if you want control across both your ConfigMgr and Intune managed devices, ensuring they are all in sync.

In this session we will run through how to apply control methods using community and OEM tools in harmony to ensure you have complete control over the stability of your end user devices.

We just deployed 1500 Teams Meeting Rooms - learn how we did it

MVPs Jan Ketil Skanke and Ståle Hansen will share how they approached a global Teams Rooms deployment for a larger global organization moving to Teams Only Mode. Learn Ståle's thinking on network placement and account configuration. How Jan Ketil deployed the rooms for almost zero touch rollout and monitored the MTR's. In the end they will reflect on Teams Admin Center administration capabilities.

Need a hybrid Identity? You can't just simply deploy Azure AD Connect

Any business with Active Directory on-premises that want to start using functionality like co-managment, Intune, Autopilot Hybrid Join or Exchange online among many other things need a Azure AD Hybrid Identity. Azure AD Connect sync is still the best option for customers having Hybrid Identity. Even though Microsoft now has come out with Cloud Provisioning there many scenarios that is not supported with that yet. There are also many dependencies to plan and design for when you get started on this path. This session will go deep into what is needed for a solid setup of AAD Hybrid Identity along with dependencies to Exchange, ConfigMgr/Intune and Windows 10.
* Azure AD Connect Sync vs Cloud Provisioning
* Windows 10 Hybrid AD Join
* Authentication and Password with Hybrid Identity
* Hybrid Exchange - Why do we need it and how
* Some hard learnings and experiences from customer implementations

Mastering Modern Workplace management and security

In this workshop we will dive deep into the modern cloud based management of Windows 10 with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, with focus on Microsoft Intune. Some of the things that will be covered are:
* Client Provisioning (Autopilot)
* Application Managment
* Client Configurations and Security
* Azure AD and Conditional Access
* Identity Protection
* Microsoft Defender ATP
* Logs and Monitoring

MEM Application Management - To cloud or not to cloud

Are you considering doing cloud based management of your Windows devices? In this session we will go into all that you can do and not do in the cloud, the differences between CM and Intune and last but not least, how the 2 plays better together. Application management in Intune is really good as well, but there are new challenges like content management and upgrades a.o and we will address all you need to know during this session!!

- Real world examples and experience
- How to manage content
- How to perform Software Upgrades

Move Beyond passwords – Securing your Microsoft 365 Tenant

You password doesn’t matter. In this session we will go through why the password doesn’t matter and what is needed to secure your identities in the cloud the right way. We will dive into how we have implemented Azure MFA the right way by combining Azure AD, Intune and advanced Microsoft 365 Threat protection features and configuring the basics right.

The Log Analytics of MEM!

Are you moving some or all of your management workloads to Intune? Are you missing your good old configmgr logs? Then this is the session for you. Microsoft Endpoint Managers cloud reporting framework is based on Azure Log Analytics, and there is a whole new world of possibilities that has just come our way. We will look into how you can use log data to build automation, alerting and monitoring of your environment and incidents. With this you can audit all changes in changes in your environment and do automation based desired state configuration in the cloud. We will should how you can build your own workbook dashboard with the data YOU care about? What about combining data from both on-premises and the cloud and visualise it all in one place?

Managing device access to your company data without enrollment

Today many users want to be able to use any device to do their work. They have privacy concerns and don’t want their personal devices managed by their employer. On the other side, IT need to be able to secure that company data is secured and that they are able to control what happens to the data after users has access. In this session you’ll learn how apps can be managed by Microsoft Intune Mobile Application Managment and EM+S to provide a great user experience that IT can trust. You will also learn how this really works and how to configure this in your environment.

How to get started with Azure MFA the right way

It should be no surprise that you should enable 2FA on your corporate logons today, and most organizations have understood the need for securing cloud identities with a second factor of authentication like Azure MFA. But still, a lot are doing it wrong and are breaking the user experience on their path to a more secure environment.

It is not very complicated to do Azure MFA the right way by using MS Intune and Azure AD Conditional Access together. Come to this session and get all the details on how to protect all your users and apps in a way that doesn't break the user experience.

Protect Office 365 and more with EMS

Your most important business information is stored safely in the Microsoft cloud, but what are you doing to ensure that only the right users are accessing your cloud services?

Are you making sure that only approved and protected apps or devices that comply with corporate policy can access those same services?

What if a device is compromised? Are you able to detect that and block access based on that detection?

In all of this there might be privacy concerns. What do you do if your users does not want you to control and manage their private devices, while still they have the need and wish to do work on those same devices?

In this session we will do a walkthrough with a lot of demos of how you can use EMS to protect your data with Azure AD Conditional Access, App Protection, Azure Information Protection, Modern device management and Threat protection.

Get ready for Android Enterprise with Microsoft Intune

The way of managing Android devices today in the enterprise is being deprecated with a year on new devices. This talk are focusing on preparing organizations on this change. Will talk about the differences between today and tomorrow and also the huge benefits that comes with Android Enterprise

How to manage Windows 10 the modern way (MDM)

Are you already moving your productivity workloads to the cloud? What about your client management?
In this session we will dive into what you can and can't do when managing Windows 10 with Microsoft Intune. We will go into the details of security baselines, administrative templates and all the other options for both configuring and managing Windows 10 with Intune.

Android Enterprise Management with Intune

Android Legacy management in being deprecated by Google, and it is time to move to Android Enterprise Management.

Android Enterprise gives us many new options for managing Android devices and we can choose between options like work profile, device owner and single use (KIOSK) scenarios.

This session will cover both how Android look at device management and how Intune is implementing all of those new possibilites.

The benefits of a co-managed world

You have probably heard the phrase "Cloud Attach" the last year, but what does it really mean?
Why should you care about co-management or modern management of Windows 10.
In this session we'll take a deep dive into the benefits that comes with co-management and hybrid AD join of your Windows 10 devices.

What's new in Microsoft Intune for Windows 10 managment?

There has been a lot of new enhancements regarding cloud management of Windows 10 the last months. This session will bring you up to date on all the new developments for Windows 10 cloud management since the release of Windows 10 1903

What's the latest with ConfigMgr - Post Ignite edition

With the new servicing model of ConfigMgr Current Branch, development of the product has never been at a faster pace than today. 3 major releases each year provides organizations with new management capabilities, many of such cloud-enabled, but also integration of previous functionality in stand-alone products, among community requested features.

Join Enterprise Mobility MVP's Nickolaj Andersen and Jan Ketil Skanke who will cover all there is to know about the latest and greatest with ConfigMgr, including a bonus around the messaging and announcements regarding ConfigMgr after Ignite.

Pre-Conf 4: Productivity happens in the cloud: mastering the modern workplace for enterprises

Microsoft 365 is based on Office 365, EMS and Windows 10, but the Microsoft 365 SKU's are more than just a combination of products. This pre-day focuses on how to implement the core story of Microsoft 365, which is Secure Productivity and Modern IT combined.

Microsoft 365 Explained

Wondering what Microsoft 365 really is? You will leave this session understanding the different SKU’s and how you can easily add E5 level security options as add-ons. You will learn how to sell it internally in your organization, pitch it to customers or understand the technical requirements as a consultant. MVPs Ståle Hansen and Jan Ketil Skanke will share their experience from more than 20 workshops, projects and as architects with deep knowledge on how the components fit together. This session is a great place to get started with Microsoft 365.

Proactive Remediation Deep Dive

With Endpoint Analytics in Intune, we also got the awesome feature Proactive Remediations allowing you to perform compliance item/baseline type jobs across all Windows managed devices. In this session, we will not only look at the power of these features but also the underlying components, how to trace the running of the detection and remediation script, troubleshooting, and more.

Delivered at Northwest System Center User Group. Jan 15 2021

Live! 360 Orlando 2023

November 2023 Orlando, Florida, United States

NIC Cloud Connect 2023

November 2023 Oslo, Norway

Workplace Ninja Summit 2023

September 2023 Baden, Switzerland

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February 2023 Tallinn, Estonia

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3 May, 2020 – Welcome Reception at 5 pm
4 May - 7 May, 2020
4 Full Day Sessions

May 2020 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

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February 2020 Prague, Czechia

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November 2019 Prague, Czechia

Experts Live Europe 2019 Pre-Conf

Productivity happens in the cloud: mastering the modern workplace for enterprises with
Microsoft 365

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Microsoft Inspire 2018

Talk about How to Amplify your mobile security business with application management and conditional access.
Lessons from the field.

July 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

MVP Dagen 2018

May 2018 Oslo, Norway

NIC 2018

Azure AD B2B Conditional Access Advanced Scenarios

Managing device access to your company data without enrollment

January 2018 Oslo, Norway

Microsoft Ignite 2017

How to secure your front door with real-time risk assessments of your logons

September 2017 Orlando, Florida, United States

Jan Ketil Skanke

MVP Enterprise Mobility, MVP Security, Partner CloudWay

Oslo, Norway