Kat Beedim

Kat Beedim

Head of Modern Workplace

Cardiff, United Kingdom


Kat Beedim is a Microsoft Office 365 MVP and Microsoft Solutions Specialist at Core Technology Systems, a UK-based Microsoft Gold Partner. She specialises in collaboration and productivity tools in Microsoft 365.

Kat is a frequent conference speaker and co-host on the Cloud Conversations Podcast (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpQLmT4_kwvrDTXOpXcKFtg), which welcomes guests from the tech industry.

Kat publishes blogs on Practical365, Petri.com and her personal site collabwithkat.com.


  • Most Active Speaker 2022

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • End User Training
  • Adoption and Change Management
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance
  • Teams Governance
  • Office 365
  • Teams-Telephony
  • Teams as a Platform
  • Power Platform
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Viva Learning
  • Viva Topics
  • Viva Connections
  • Viva Insights
  • Viva Ecosystem

Teams as a Platform: 5 Apps to Improve your Teams Collaboration

Join this session to understand what Teams as a Platform is and five apps in Teams to help improve productivity. We will be looking at first and third-party apps to transform Team productivity and improve meeting effectiveness. See live demonstrations of the apps that can help you build better Teams use.

Top 5 App Templates in Microsoft Teams to Improve Productivity

App templates are examples of apps that can be deployed to Microsoft Teams for different needs and requirements. App templates provide organisations with a deployment script and sample code to provide you with a customisable app that is easy to deploy and configure.

There are many app templates to choose from, so this session will be focusing on the Top 5 for productivity in Microsoft Teams, covering what app templates are, how to deploy and live demonstrations of the apps in action.

Which tool to use and when: Teams Meetings, Webinar & Live Events

With three meeting tools to use in Microsoft Teams, it can be confusing understanding which tool is suitable and when. In this session we will be looking at the differences between Teams Meetings, the new Webinar feature and Teams Live Events, and how they fit into different use cases.

The session is a live demonstration of the tools, as well as examples of when to use them.

Audience members should leave with a firm understanding of the different Teams meeting options, how they work and when they should be used.

5 Top Tips to Run an Effective Teams Meeting

In this session we will be looking at how to run an effective Teams Meeting. We will look at the full life cycle of a meeting including scheduling, preparing, during the meeting and how to share and access resources afterwards. The session will cover tips and tricks of new features to help make running Teams Meetings easier and more effective.

An Overview of Azure Information Protection

Many organisations have purchased EMS licenses which include Azure Information Protection, but not many know what it is and how it helps protect your data.

Join this session to understand what Azure Information Protection is including a live demonstration of the admin center, and the end-user experience, and how it can help protect your data.

#POWERTEAMS - The ultimate guide to approval tasks in Teams using Adaptive Cards

Getting approvals to important processes is crucial in ensuring quick decision making and getting things done quickly. Many organisations suffer from time wasted and poor end-user experience by lengthy approval processes.

Microsoft Adaptive cards and Approvals in Teams introduces a comprehensive, easy to use service for organisations to improve their important processes and increase time to decision making. It also provides a positive user experience with adaptive cards being used directly in the place of work - Microsoft Teams!

Join this session to find out the art of the possible with Approvals and Adaptive Cards in Microsoft Teams, and get a good look at how to begin implementing this in your own organisation.

Teams and Data Loss Protection: How to ensure secure and compliant collaboration in Microsoft Teams

Organisations must ensure that collaboration and communication within Teams and other Office products is secure and compliant, by implementing stricter controls and data loss prevention policies to govern teamwork and prevent data egress on information that is shared internally or externally, with federated users or external guests.

Microsoft 365 enterprise-grade cloud delivers the governance, compliance and security capabilities customers need and expect, enabling them to collaborate and communicate remotely while staying secure.

This security and compliance session focuses on Microsoft Information Protection in Teams to help attendees understand why organisations need Data Loss Protection. In particular, we look at the three levels of information protection available in Teams and give a practical overview of how to deploy these in your environment to ensure friction-free data security and compliance, as well as M365 licensing options.

How to improve student engagement when remote learning with Microsoft Teams Education

With an ever changing world, and students and faculty turning to digital, there are even more challenges to ensure students are engaged, progressing and educators and faculty are staying connected.

Microsoft Teams is here to ease the transition and provides apps and features to help provide an online classroom and brings together assignments, files and conversations into a single platform.

Join this session to find out how to improve student engagement without a physical classroom, with tips and tricks on Microsoft Teams features, as well as real-life examples from Universities in the UK.

How to get people to use technology in 7 easy steps

If you've invested in Microsoft 365 for your organisation, you want to see return on that investment. Unused technology is a wasted opportunity for your organisation to improve communication, cohesion, collaboration and camaraderie between your teams. It also means the initial investment wasn't worthwhile.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to help boost employee engagement and get staff using technology so that they - and the business - reap the benefits.

Join this session to hear about user adoption of new technology in the workplace, including the role of technology champions and how to manage resistance and change. At a time when the face of workplace collaboration and communication is changing, this is a fascinating look at user adoption strategies and techniques that will help anyone trying to get their workers to navigate through any technology transition.

An overview of Microsoft Teams Calling

With more and more people turning to Microsoft Teams as their go-to communication platform, many organisations are looking to turn Teams into their telephone system as well.

Please join this session to get a live demonstration of some key Teams calling features as well as a look into best practices and options when moving to Teams telephony. We will investigate direct routing vs Microsoft calling plans, migration strategies and some advanced scenarios such as call queues and auto-attendants.

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Kat Beedim

Head of Modern Workplace

Cardiff, United Kingdom


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