Mark Allan

Information & Communications Technology

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Coleraine, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Mark Allan

Azure MVP, Cloud App Modernisation Consultant

Mark is an Azure MVP based on the beautiful North Coast of Northern Ireland and has learnt his craft from 35 years of mistakes.

He's been a professional developer since the 1980s and freelance since 2000, working on a myriad of projects for everything from local startups and councils to multinational corporations and federal government departments.

While something of a technology omnivore, particularly if it's new and shiny, he currently tends towards Xamarin and React front-ends sitting on top of scalable cloud-first services, using a functional, event-driven and reactive approach. He's also a big advocate of the DevOps mindset.

In the day job he helps businesses to build better software by making the most of the cloud. In his spare time he's a STEM Ambassador, CoderDojo mentor, Barefoot volunteer and organiser of the Northern Ireland Developer Conference.

Current sessions

Leap into Azure Quantum

Quantum computing sounds cool, but what actually is it, what can you use it for, and how on earth do you get started with it? There is a high probability that you will come out of this talk less confused than you entered it.

Real world Azure Static Web Apps

Static Web Apps brings serverless websites to Azure. They can be much cheaper, faster and more secure than standard sites, but to get the same functionality you do need to approach things a little differently than you may be used to.

In this session you'll learn about the features and advantages of Static Web Apps and find out how to get started. But you'll also get a practical demonstration from somebody who's built several such sites of how to migrate from the traditional ways of doing things to the new paradigm introduced to Azure by Static Web Apps.

Serverless on AKS

Azure Functions is cool, but it doesn't (yet) meet every use case. However, Microsoft have provided us with all the tools we need to run serverless and event-driven applications on Kubernetes. In this session we'll look at how you can get a similar experience to Azure Functions on AKS, and discuss the pros and cons of both approaches.

Past and future events

Cloud Community Conference Cologne

26 Jun 2021
Köln, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Certification Saturday 2020

12 Dec 2020

Virtual Azure Community Day

3 Dec 2020

Global Azure Virtual

23 Apr 2020 - 25 Apr 2020
Seattle, Washington, United States

Global Online Azure Bootcamp - Ireland

27 Apr 2019
Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Microsoft Ignite | The Tour London

Session - "Hosting and Scaling Service-Based Applications on Azure"
27 Feb 2019
London, England, United Kingdom

DevConf LK 2019 (Letterkenny, Ireland

23 Feb 2019
Letterkenny, Ulster, Ireland