Matt Soseman

Matt Soseman

Cyber Security Architect, Microsoft

Matt Soseman is a Security Architect at Microsoft residing in Del Mar, CA where he enables organizations to be more secure and compliant using Microsoft technology. Matt has served multiple roles at Microsoft including Marketing and Microsoft Consulting Services. Prior to Microsoft Matt delivered mobility consulting at BlackBerry and helped to pioneer Unified Communications at Sprint. Matt runs one of the top TechNet blogs at Microsoft where he writes about how Microsoft 365 workloads help to drive digital transformation, change corporate culture and is a veteran speaker various Microsoft and industry conferences.

Current sessions

Learn the Microsoft Security Story using Microsoft Teams!

Did you know Microsoft has over 60 security products? How do you explain the Microsoft security story to a customer in a way they understand and can relate to? Well, rather than demoing all 60 products separately, use Microsoft Teams! In this session you will learn how to tell the Microsoft security story using Microsoft Teams as the story telling vehicle. You will learn how to demonstrate security scenarios such as identity and access management, information protection, threat management and security management using Microsoft Teams. You won't want to miss this!

Cyber Security for the Modern Workplace

Cyber security is top of minds for business leaders, and as they think about how to digitally transform the workforce, security must be part of that strategy. In this session you will learn how the workplace has changed, and how security enables the modern workplace to thrive. You will understand the key trends, and what type of solutions are required to address common security risks. Finally, you will learn how your users can be MORE productive when they are more secure.