Omid Naghizadeh

Information & Communications Technology

From Zero to be a hero on Security by Identity Server 4 Manage historical Data by a new approach

Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden

Omid Naghizadeh

Sigma IT AB, Senior Consultant

Omid is a software Engineer who is passionate about Azure and .NET Technologies, Back-end, Front-End, Business Analysis, Agility, SQL. 16 years’ experience in the software field, as Junior, Senior, Coordinator, Mentor, Business Analysis, Software Architect and Tech Lead positions. Nowadays, Omid's role is a senior consultant and in the same time a mentor and speaker in some vocational academies and web blogger in spare times.

Master in Software Engineering, Certified Software Architect, Microsoft Certified Professional, C# .NET developer since 2004.

Current sessions

Manage historical Data by a new approach

SQL Server 2016 introduces a new type of table that is designed to keep the full history of data changes, the session will cover the way of developing on SQL and Entity framework, Saving and managing all data in old fashion way cost a lot for you as developer and also needs lots of maintenance, indexing, performance monitoring and etc. We will have review the old fashion designs and compare them with current possible solution in SQL and Entity Framework.

From Zero be a hero on Security by Identity Server 4

Security is one of the first steps you need to consider on any project. Microsoft takes part of some security aspects and enables us to take care of the rest.The session covers the security architecture and APIs of ASP.NET Core, the necessary protocols and technologies like OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and JSON Web Tokens (JWT), and give you guidance how integrate them into your web, JavaScript and mobile applications, all with by Identity Server 4.