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Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Evan Ponter

Founder & Principal Consultant - Ponter Solutions

Evan Ponter is a Salesforce Consultant from Baltimore, MD who has been focusing on declarative development since 2012. His desire to keep an org simple, streamlined, and maintainable by future admins has led him to being an expert on the declarative features of the platform. A deep understanding of reports, the importance of proper data modeling, and the utilization of declarative automation tools have propelled Evan along a blossoming Salesforce journey where he solves complex problems using clever solutions that provide the ultimate flexibility. As the Founder & Principal Consultant of Ponter Solutions, Evan invests himself in client relationships in order to provide thorough solutions that unlock new realities for utilizing Salesforce. He is co-author of ReportForce.blog - a blog dedicated to Salesforce report, dashboard, and analytic best practices. When he's not logged into Salesforce, Evan enjoys playing bass guitar in a local rock band.

I am co-author of www.ReportForce.blog - a blog dedicated to Salesforce report, dashboard, and analytic best practices. I can speak on various topics related to report types, reporting features, tips, tricks, and custom solutions I've built to make it possible to extract and visualize data from Salesforce

Current sessions

Approach Reporting Like Never Before: The Ultimate Guide to Report Types

Whether you are just starting your Salesforce journey or you are a seasoned pro, this session is guaranteed to change your approach to reporting. Imagine having one “deluxe” custom report type per object to address a majority of report requests - pulling in up to 1,000 fields from up to 60 related objects with ease. Imagine instantly knowing which report type to choose in order to get the data you need without any trial and error. Imagine how much time and effort you can save when you have a complete understanding of what Salesforce is capable of in the reporting realm. During this session, you will learn how easy it is to demystify the inner workings of report types, consolidate the litany of overwhelming report type clutter, and empower yourself with a revolutionary paradigm that frees you to confidently query for conclusions. Rejoice as you reimagine designing, building, and running reports - you’ll wonder how you ever did it before.

Count the Number of Date Groups in a Report

If you've ever needed to calculate the average number of records per day, per week, per month, or per any time frame, you've likely struggled with counting the number of date groups in a report dynamically. This easy, no-code solution empowers admins to solve for this common request with a formula field on the object and a summary formula in the report. Now all of those "average" calculations can be represented in reports, graphed on charts, and shown over time. We'll cover all the basics and moving parts so you can implement this solution immediately.

A Time Stone for Your Report and Dashboard Filters

Dashboard filters allow any running user to change the parameters for the data being visualized. With a limit of three dashboard filters, it sometimes takes a little creativity (or help from Dr. Strange) to provide all the flexibility required. Using a formula field as the basis, a single dashboard filter can be used to control the time frame to meet hundreds of requirements. Users can toggle between whole time frames, multiple time frames, and even complex year-to-date, quarter-to-date, and month-to-date options - all from a single dashboard filter that lets you travel through time at the click of a button. Say goodbye to all those individual checkbox fields keeping track of “x-to-date” calculations - this solution will dissect the configuration that provides the ultimate flexibility for filtering the time frame in a report or dashboard.