Springroll ETH

Springroll ETH

Area of Expertise

  • Health & Medical
  • Business & Management


  • Community Building
  • Marketing
  • NFTS
  • Crypto
  • Conferences
  • NFT utility

Community Building in the web3 space

Community building in the crypto market is a struggle and many methods have been tried so many have failed... often we can time it with the market circumstances, but there are multiple use cases that are able to provide a multitude of possibilities to grow regardless of the market. Out of the box thinking is required

NFT Community advanced building session

We are here to go through ways on how to build and grow your community within the NFT space. We are looking to open the floor for project founders to ask us questions on how to help them grow there communities with our marketing experience within web3 where we have advised well over 50 projects in the space.

Community building in the web3 space: Premint & Postmint

The current space is so focused on what is being created with the NFT. What for utility is or how the floor on Opensea is moving.

However, people tend to forget that NFTs in its purest essence remains a form of crowdfunding. This means the community aspect will always be the most important factor whether a project will succeed/fail and survive long term. I would love to elaborate on this aspect to showcase how projects can scale and grow to make their project a succes

SYS AMA Session

We hold AMA's in respected Web3 Communities and would love to have the chance to do it live at NFT London with founders at the event. We tend to ask the pressing questions to project founders to cleanse the space so to say.. We have both been in the space for about a year and over the past 6 months we talk to approximately 100 projects a month so we feel we have a decent knowledge in a range of aspect of the space, and we would also love the ability to pass on that Alpha to the people coming to NFT London

Springroll ETH

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