Ståle Hansen

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Oslo, Norway

Ståle Hansen

CEO and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay AS, MVP

Ståle Hansen is the Founder and Principal Cloud Architect at CloudWay in Norway. He is an Office Apps and Services MVP with over a decade of experience with Skype for Business and are now focused on hybrid Office 365. His core competence is to explain complex scenarios and make them understandable by combining technical insight and business value. He loves to share his understanding as blogger since 2009 and as a highly rated trainer with the long running master class from Lync 2010 to Skype for Business administration. He is a co-author of the book "Office 365 for IT Pros" and you can follow his YouTube channel on OneNote LifeHacks. He is regularly invited to share his experience at international conferences such as TechEd, Microsoft Ignite, NIC and Techmentor.

Current sessions

How to administer Microsoft Teams like a boss

Join this session to take control of Microsoft Teams using PowerShell. Learn how to take controll of guest access and find activities across all workloads to create PowerBI reports and use the information to decommission, archive or expire inactive Teams

OneNote LifeHack: 5 steps for succeeding with personal productivity

So you are using OneNote as your primary note taking tool? Without structure you might lose track of all your notes. This session is about how to get structured using OneNote to dump all your thoughts, ideas, emails and notes that are either actionable or something you want to find later and use it as the only task scheduling tool as well. MVP Ståle Hansen shows you five steps to get started with a robust framework from using sections correct, your mobile to take notes on the go, Microsoft Flow to send email to OneNote from any device and the Pomodoro Technique to prioritize and induce flow in a busy workday. The magic is to collect all information in one section regardless of platform, the collection section. Join this session on getting structured with OneNote. 

Everything you need to know about calling in Microsoft Teams

Learn how to design for cloud voice when Microsoft is switching from Skype for Business to Microsoft Teams as the primary client for meetings and conversations. You will learn the current state of calling in Microsoft Teams and when you will still use the Skype for Business client. You will also learn how to connect your own siptrunk with Direct Routing

Will be updated with all new capabilities released at the time the talk is presented

Understand and succeed with call quality in Office 365

Learn about the optimal media path Microsoft Teams and why it matters. Make sure you understand the Cloud Voice planning material in FastTrack. Look in to trending call quality for individual subnets using Call Quality Dashboard (CQD), troubleshoot individual calls using Call Analytics and get a greater understanding of why Certifified for Skype for Business devices is the only option for end-users.

Everything on Cloud Recording and broadcasting of meetings in Microsoft Teams

In-depth session on cloud recording and broadcasting of meetings in Microsoft Teams. The session focuses on succeeding with small team meetings to large meetings with remote and on-site audiences. We will also look at network impact of streaming and how to plan and optimize the network footprint and Microsoft Stream impact.

This session will go in-depth on cloud recording, Microsoft stream, Teams Meeting Broadcast, network scaling, where meetings are hosted, media path and best practices on ensuring meeting success

Microsoft 365 Explained

Wondering what Microsoft 365 really is? You will leave this session understanding the different SKU's and why you should focus on Enterprise even for small companies. You will learn how to sell it internally in your organization, pitch it to customers or understand the technical requirements as a consultant. MVP Ståle Hansen will share from his experience as Office 365 sales coach and as architect with deep knowledge on how the components fits together. This session is a great place to get started with Microsoft 365.

I see a lot people not understanding what Microsoft 365 really is. This session explains it in a way that everyone from sales to technical understands what it is and why this is the way going forward with the Microsoft Cloud

Past and future events

Experts Live Europe 2018

Two sessions on managing Microsoft Teams like a Boss, October edition and sharing my OneNote LifeHacks and personal productivity tips
25 Oct 2018 - 26 Oct 2018
Prague, Czechia

Microsoft Ignite 2018

Two theater sessions on how to do streaming of Microsoft Teams meetings with Live Events and 20 minutes on OneNote LifeHacks. Also doing a community meetup on Microsoft Teams troubleshooting and telephony discussions
23 Sep 2018 - 27 Sep 2018
Orlando, United States

Evolve Conference 2018

Talking about Microsoft 365 Explained for consultants and everything you need to know about Cloud Voice in Office 365
10 Sep 2018 - 10 Sep 2018
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Techmentor Redmond 2018

Two sessions at Microsoft Headquarters, on controlling and reporting on activity using PowerShell for Microsoft Teams and share his OneNote LifeHacks.
6 Aug 2018 - 10 Aug 2018
Redmond, United States

MVP Dagen 2018

Keynote and Microsoft Teams administration session
30 May 2018 - 30 May 2018
Oslo, Norway

Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2018

Ståle Hansen talked about Microsoft Teams administration and OneNote productivity
1 Feb 2018 - 2 Feb 2018
Oslo, Norway

Microsoft TechDays Sweden 2017

One session on Everything you need to know about Microsoft Teams and how Office 365 Groups are used
25 Oct 2017 - 26 Oct 2017
Stockholm, Sweden

UC and Cloud Day UK 2017

One session on Everything you need to know about succeeding with Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams Call Quality
9 Oct 2017 - 9 Oct 2017
Birmingham, United Kingdom

Microsoft Ignite 2017

Two breakout sessions. LifeHack: Deep Dive, 5 steps for succeeding with personal productivity using Microsoft OneNote and Decipher delegation in Skype for Business Online. Also did a 20 minute theater session on OneNote LifeHacks
24 Sep 2017 - 28 Sep 2017
Orlando, United States

MVP Community Connect Summer 2017

This is the first time MVP Ståle Hansen did a live session in his OneNote LifeHacks, at MVP Community Connection in Madrid, June 2017. This video has over 120 000 views on YouTube and you should watch it to pick up a LifeHack or two
1 Jun 2017 - 1 Jun 2017
Madrid, Spain

MVP Dagen Norway 2017

One day with 11 Norwegian MVPs talking about a practical approach to the Microsoft Cloud. Ståle was part of the organization team and talked about staying productive while doing MFA the correct way.
31 May 2017 - 31 May 2017
Oslo, Norway

Be-Com E-Communications Day 2017

One session on How to work with Call Quality in Skype for Business
3 May 2017 - 3 May 2017
Brussels, Belgium

Nordic Infrastructure Conference 2017

Talked about how I design voice solutions with Skype for Business where I shared my three main design principles in a cloud first world
2 Feb 2017 - 3 Feb 2017
Oslo, Norway

International public speaker since 2012

I have had the honor to share my lessons learned and findings from the field at international conferences since 2012. During that time I have talked at conferences such as Lync Conference, TechEd US and EU, Microsoft Ignite, IT Dev Connections, TechDays Sweden and all the Nordic Infrastructure Conferences ever done. Topics have typically been around Lync and Skype for Business phone number management, Skype for Business voice design and operations. After Office 365 and cloud voice has become more mature my talks has shifted to talk about Call Quality in the cloud, cloud voice design and Microsoft Teams administration and voice. I also have a passion for personal and team productivity where I share how I succeed using OneNote as my tool to get stuff done on a personal and team level. My goal as a speaker is to share my insight in a way that the audience learns something new each and every time. My talks range from level 100 (inspirational keynote) to level 400 deep dive. I love using demos as examples and share how to's using PowerShell.
1 Feb 2012 - 31 Dec 2016