Mark Christie

Mark Christie

Managing Director at Proximo 3, Microsoft MVP & MCT

Perth, United Kingdom


Mark Has 15 Years of Microsoft Dynamics experience on both ERP And CRM platforms. Having initially worked in a Technical Support capacity he quickly moved into Consultancy and then onto an advisory role in Solution Architecture.

Mark has lead enterprise-level projects for the liked of ScotiaBank, Oxbow Coal, Ford, Lebara And GOV.UK, while also working with some great, not-for-profit organisations.

In the community is an evangelist in the Microsoft space as well as being a Microsoft MVP and MCT. He co-hosts a monthly Power Platform Podcast and is an organiser of the Scottish Summit conference that runs in Scotland .

You can also find Mark blogging on 365community.online or posting Power Platform videos on YouTube.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Customer Service
  • Field Service
  • Microsoft
  • Dynamics 365
  • Power Platform

But what is Field Service?

You have seen all the Microsoft slides and you keep seeing the name Field Service appearing. Piqued your interest? Well we will take a whistle stop tour of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.

Everything from an apprentice getting his first aid certificate to an engineering fixing a £1,000,000 machine, we will cover it all.

The Connected Customer Service Journey

Let us jump into the Customer Service Model-Driven App. Or perhaps we can do it in Omni Channel? Or wait, This might be a job for Field Service? Heck! Let's just build our own Support Power App.

I'm ready to take you all through the ever-expanding suite of Power Platform and Dynamics 365 tools, taking the route from the initial contact of support to the moment a support agent connects to you with Remote Assist's one-time meeting feature.

The talk will then turn to the benefits of each application and call out the right stage to deploy them in the support process. The session's main objective is to drive some inspiration on crafting an innovative support experience using the latest Microsoft tools. We'll Micdrop in some Copilot capabilities too, aiming to reduce the support team's time spent on calls and case management.

What is the ultimate goal I hear you ask? To transform the Customer service function from reactive responders to proactive professionals.

This choose-your-own story adventure will equip you with ideas to revolutionise the support process, combining innovation with practicality, all while navigating the world of Microsoft's Technology.

The Field Service Revolution

Microsoft Dynamics Field Service was always used predominantly in North America, but recently it has become one of the fastest growing areas in the Dynamics Stack in Europe.

Having extensively worked with the Field Service team in Redmond and training the Field Service team it's now time to take it to the public.

In this one-day workshop, you will learn how the data model in Field Service is the most important part of the application. Data is 75% of the platform. You'll also learn how to configure the platform and be able to talk in-depth to customers and colleagues about Field Service.

Not only will you find out about the standard uses for Field Service you will also find out about the not so standard ones! Did you know that you can collect dead bodies? how about collecting seaman samples from cows?

Utilizing Teams for your Dynamics 365 solutions

In this session we will walk you through how and why you can integrate Dynamics 365 Sales, Customer Service, Field Service and Human Resources in Teams. This way your company will get an even wider user area for Teams and bringing you entire company together working in Teams.

Mental health

Everyone is talking about mental health - and most of us have experienced mental health issues at some point in our lives. Come and listen to and learn from some individuals who have lived with and continue to work on managing their mental health.

How to, and how not to, run a community conference

After organizing a number of successful conferences over the years, and coming off the biggest conference yet with 1,000 attendees and 200 sessions, join us for a session on how we run the Scottish Summit community conferences.

We will go in details about our lessons over the years from both virtual and physical events - including a deep dive into the technologies we used to keep everything ticking over and also give some insights into the things we won't be doing again!

Event marketing IS Dynamics 365 Marketing

Do you run events?
Do you struggle with a multitude of different platforms?
Do you really have control over everything that needs to be done?

Mark Christie and Malin Martnes will take you through some real-life scenarios on how Scottish Summit, Proximo 3 and other customers use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing as the hub to Run their events and business.

Join them and take a deep dive into the event module of Dynamics 365 Marketing. They’ll go through;
• Speakers
• Hotels
• Sessions and session tracks
• Social and email marketing
• Sponsors, vendors, and of course your budget.

They will also delve into integrations with Sessionize, Eventbrite, and event apps.

After this session, you can create your event and have complete control over it in Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Closing Keynote

Closing Keynote will include thanks from the event team and Dona Sarkar talking about Mental Health in I.T

"Are you sure I should talk openly about this?"
How many times have you had that thought about openly speaking out about your mental health challenges because of how it might impact your credibility in your work? Will your peers take you seriously after this? What about your customers? Yikes! We've had the same concerns and have come up with a formula that actually works.

In this session, we will cover:
1. WHY is it important for leaders like YOU to talk about mental health
2. WHAT you should be talking about and what you should not be talking about
3. HOW to even have the conversation openly
Some resources you can use to help others.

Restricted entities - Do you even need them?

I will detail what restricted entities are and where they are used.

Then we will look at how we can build model driven apps using the Per App Per License model without the restricted entities to give more value for your customer

The Complete Customer Service Journey

Mark will take you through The Customer Service stack at a high level, Covering Power Virtual Agent, Forms Pro, Power Automate, Common Data Service, Case Management, Field Service and Remote Assist.......... Are we going to place bets to see if he makes it through?

Career Planning in the Power Platform

How to plan your career, get promoted or get hired

Partner success (How we work with Microsoft)

We have a line-up of experienced Microsoft Partners who will share their perspective and experiences of working with Microsoft.  

We will cover everything from skilling, practice build, programs, investments to listing on the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace. 

Join us to learn how to get the best out of partnering with Microsoft!

Q&A With James Phillips

Mark and Iain will have a sit-down Question and Answer session with President of Business Applications Group James Phillips

Scottish Summit 2022 Keynote - Disability Awareness & Inclusivity

Connell speaks about his own experiences as a deaf person in IT and how he has been able to use tech to empower him.

So you want to be a Solution Architect?

So you have been in the Power Platform or Dynamics 365 for longer than you can remember? Looking to take the next steps to become a Solution Architect?

Mark will share his years of experience with the Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of what skills you need and what your roles and responsibilities would be.

He will also share tips and tricks on how to make your life easier

The softer side of consultancy

In this day and age, you can easily go online and found out how to use a platform or learn how to do technical tasks. However, we are still miles behind that with our Consultancy skills. Mark Christie will take you through the softer side of being a consultant and bring to life the soft and personal skills that will help make you an all-round better consultant.

So you want to start your own company?

Many people get to the stage in their career where they are looking for the next progression. Are you moving from consultancy into a C-Level management position? Are you moving to a Senior Consultancy role?

Have you thought about starting your own Microsoft practise?
Mark Christie will share the trials and tribulations of starting a new company, what is needed and what your end goals should be.

Field Service is not just a person in a van

When someone talks to you about field service it's about the generic person in a van going to fix the HVAC unit.

What if I was to tell you that Field Service was so much more?

Did you know that Bull Sperm costs $1,000,000 a shot?
Did you know that Dead Bodies are collected using Field Service?
What about some clever API integration to the MetOffice?

Mark will run through 5 of the best edge cases for Field Service

This session has been a success with the Field Service product team and has also been delivered to the internal Field Service sales team at Microsoft

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Mark Christie

Managing Director at Proximo 3, Microsoft MVP & MCT

Perth, United Kingdom


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