Aanisha Mishra

Aanisha Mishra

Software Engineer @Cisco

Fervent disciple of new technologies. Introducing twigs to society through my work.

Current sessions

OpenAPI Specifications v3.0

Hands-on experience of representation of APIs as OpenAPI specifications v3.0. Discussions of swagger, the earlier version, how v3.0 is different from v2.0. Why OAS is so wide-spreading.

Terraform Providers

Terraform is a tool that allows writing infrastructure as code. It is state based, hence gaining tremendous market growth, replacing Ansible, Puppet, CloudFormation in many cases. It is developed by HashiCorp and having a huge growth in the market. In the workshop, we shall be developing Terraform provider for an infrastructure using their restful API.

The development will be in GoLang.
Software Pre-requisites:
Go >v1.13
Terraform 0.12.+