Aaron Cox

Aaron Cox

Centene Technical Coach

Aaron Cox is an Agile and Technical Coach in St. Louis. He is engaged in software product craftsmanship, and is enthusiastic about teaching the same to others. Recently, he has been exposed to more immersive training strategies, sometimes called Product Dojos. And with that, has abandoned the typical classroom settings for training others.

Aaron is also passionate about promoting an Agile Mindset to people and teams; and is much less enthusiastic about SAFe or scrum. He has learned that continuous learning is a lifestyle, and not a lesson. As such, he is working hard to improve on unlearning, and then re-learning.

In his spare time, Aaron likes coding up models and filters for equities and equity options trading and investing.

He is currently working at Centene in the ACE department, and can be reached at aaron@quartermillsoftware.com.