Abdul Rehman Aftab

Abdul Rehman Aftab

Microsoft Certified Trainer | Principal Software Engineer

Lahore, Pakistan

Abdul Rehman Aftab is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and a tech enthusiast having 6+ years of industry experience, as Full Stack and Cloud-based enterprise application developer. He love to code, train and contribute to the community via virtual sessions, onsite trainings, tech conferences, bootcamps, one-to-one discussions and articles.
As a community contributor and leader, he organized many tech-events and conferences, along with having the honor to speak at major tech-events including .NET Conferences, Global Azure Bootcamps and Visual Studio launch events.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • #Microsoft
  • .NET
  • .net core
  • Cloud Technology
  • computers technology agile programming
  • Azure
  • Developer Technologies
  • Microserivces
  • Microservice Architecture
  • C#
  • Microsoft (Azure) Compute
  • Microsoft (Azure) Databases
  • Microsoft (Azure) Identity
  • Microsoft (Azure) Developer Tools
  • Microsoft (Azure) Storage Services
  • Cross Platform
  • Advanced Technology
  • Azure AD
  • Azure Api Management
  • Azure App Configuration
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure App Service Web Applications
  • Azure Apps and Infra
  • Azure Serverless
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Cloud Native Serverless Microservices
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • App Development

Securing Cloud Resources on Azure

In this session we will talk about how you can implement and secure your resources on cloud

Automate your CI/CD Pipeline with Azure DevOps

In this workshop, we will learn:
- What is DevOps?
- What DevOps companies can achieve?
- What technologies do you need to support DevOps?
- Azure DevOps introduction.
- Getting into Azure Boards.
- Getting into Azure Repos.
- Getting into Azure Pipelines.
- Getting into Azure Artifacts.
- Getting into Azure Test Plans
- Integration of Azure Pipelines with GitHub.
- Infrastructure and Configuration as Code.
- Creating Work Items / User Stories in Azure Boards.
- Linking of work items to Azure Repos or GitHub.
- Creating Azure Pipeline.
- What is CI and CD?
- What are Hosted Agents, how to configure a hosted agent.
- Steps involved in Azure Pipelines.
- Linking secrets with pipeline.
- Integration of Azure Pipeline with Visual Studio 2022.
- Creating pipeline for a .NET 6 app.
- What are release pipelines?
- Triggering pipeline on commits.
- Triggering pipeline on pull request for validations.
- How to investigate issues with pipeline and resolve them.
- End-to-end testing from visual studio to cloud.

Go serverless: Event-driven applications with Azure Functions

In this session, I will show you how you can quickly develop and deploy code to run in the cloud with Azure Functions. Functions can be written in a variety of languages, and will automatically trigger and scale based on your application needs.

Enterprise-grade Blazor apps with .NET 6

Blazor in .NET 6 gives you the functionality you need to build real world apps of any size and complexity. In this session we'll look at the new Blazor features in .NET 6 for practical web app development. We'll look at the new support for Hot Reload, error boundaries, state preservation during prerendering, faster file uploads, query string handling, adding page metadata, and more.

What's new in .NET 6

All about the big news, .NET 6! Join us on all the new things you can do with the latest release.

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Abdul Rehman Aftab

Microsoft Certified Trainer | Principal Software Engineer

Lahore, Pakistan