Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Python & OpenSource

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Boosting Python With Rust!

RIIR makes much sense in the Python world. This session explores the development and distribution of Python apps written in Rust.

This point in time has seen the development of great toolings and major libraries switching to Rust runtimes. This provides concrete validation for adopting this approach.

The session also includes a case study of projects written in Rust as well as past approaches to the topic.

SQLite Internals: How The World's Most Used Database Works

SQLIte is used on Android, on warships, and in space. It's popularity is really hard to gauge.

This session explains the complex mechanism behind the simple file-based database. The session plans to cover the VM, data storage, concurrency as well as search strategies. Essentially trying to cover as many internals as the session can fit.

If time permits, we'll also try to chip in the evolution of features and what the future concretely holds!

Python Bytecode or how Python operates

Python stopped since quite some time being an interpreter. So did Ruby. Python's interpreter is in reality a virtual machine. It runs on bytecodes. Python codes as complex as they get are minced down to these magical simplistic instructions.

Understanding this part of Python is the key to excellent Python development. This session explains a mock VM's working as well as how most used Python features are executed.

It peels down the magic of the Python show!

Fast Flask Dev With Big Codebases

Flask is lightweight, up-to-the point and customisable. It gives you the joy of coding back. You can take the time and chisel your perfect web development setup. You don't have to learn and follow the whims of framework maintainers as much as you would with other frameworks. Coupled with the relative stability of it's plugins ecosystem and mature related-technologies, Flask still spells out the perfect solution for many.

However, you can wait for some years before you tune many parameters that allow you to ship projects quickly. You need to become a master at many aspects before you get the needed insights to pin down improvements that prove to be real wins. This session compiles tips and lessons from using and teaching Flask over the years. It combines techniques learnt from Flask projects and concepts never ever seen before in the Flask world.

It's a world-grade Flask session with proofs of work

How To OpenSource

A session delving into the why of projects and the joy of being a maintainer. It explains the checklist and challenges of OpenSource development and most importantly what keeps the fuel going.

From scratch to success, from a github user!

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

Python & OpenSource