Abhinav Garg

Information & Communications Technology

Finance & Banking

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Boston, New York, United States

Abhinav Garg

Systems Architect/Cloud, Big Data and DevOps Specialist

Abhinav is a Lead Solutions Architect at Databricks, closely working with Microsoft teams across Canada and US East + Central, to help onboard Azure customers on the platform and to guide them in creating seamless solutions with other Azure services. Before joining Databricks, he was with a Boston-based consulting firm where he led Engineering teams to create enterprise cloud architecture and cloud-native solutions for Financial Services firms.

Current sessions

Integrating DataBricks with Azure SQL DB and Azure Data Lake Store Gen 2

Azure Databricks is a category-defining, cloud-native Unified Analytics Platform that provides a one-stop shop to address all analytics needs within a enterprise, from Data Engineering (Batch/Real-time) to Data Science. Spark is core of the platform, where one could easily combine it with third-party libraries for ETL workloads, and popular machine learning / deep learning frameworks for predictive & prescriptive analytics. Enterprise Security is baked in as a first class citizen, providing cloud-native integrations for Data Protection, IAM/Auth and Networking Setup.

In this session, we'll provide an overview of Azure Databricks integration points, and how it could be used with ADLS Gen 2 & Azure SQL to implement a end-to-end data pipeline.