Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra

Intelligent Cloud Architect, C# Corner MVP, Published Author, Microsoft Certified Trainer

Abhishek Mishra is an Intelligent Cloud Architect and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. He has deep experience in building Intelligent Azure and .NET based new generation architectures at Enterprise level. He has a rich 15+ years of experience working across leading organizations in the industry and 7+ years of experience working with Microsoft Azure and other public Clouds.
He is a published author and has authored book Mastering Azure Serverless Computing with BPB Publications.
He has been awarded C# Corner Most Valuable Professional (MVP) – 2018 December, 2019 December for his contributions to the developer community.
Certifications to his credit: TOGAF Certified, Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Expert, Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate, Microsoft Certified Fundamentals, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Machine Learning, and many more.

Current sessions

Serverless Kubernetes on Azure Platform

Serverless hosting is getting popular day by day. All Cloud based Services are moving towards Serverless Architecture. Microsoft has unveiled Serverless Kubernetes last year that can scale at burst and is cost effective.
Here in this session I will cover below concepts :
Introduction to Azure Serverless Kubernetes
Serverless Kubernetes Architecture
Difference between Serverless Kubernetes (Virtual Kubelet) and Serverless on Kubernetes (KEDA)
Containerize a .NET Core application and host it on a Serverless Kubernetes Nodes.

Build a Natural Language Processing model using Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)

AI Bots should understand customer's intent and respond back accordingly. They must interpret the natural language of the customer. Microsoft provides Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) as part of Cognitive Services using which we can build Natural Language Processing models and consume them in our AI solutions.
This session demonstrates how to build a Natural Language Processing module using LUIS and consume it in Azure Bot Service.

Analyse Customer Feedback Tweets using Power Automate

Customers provide feedback for the products and services they use on Social Platform. The product owners and service providers analyse these feedbacks, classify them as positive feedback or negative feedback and then take necessary action. This entire process can be easily automated using Power Automate without writing a single line of code. This session will demonstrate how to grab the Twitter tweets, analyse the tweet sentiment whether positive or negative and log the tweet for further action using Power Automate.