Abibat Adeola

Abibat Adeola

Member at LAUTECH data Science, AI enthusiast

Aderogba Abibat Adeola is a student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, a 300l student from computer science department. She is passionate about tech and entrepreneurship. She presently Intern at HNGInternship where she works remotely as a digital marketer and a designer. She is a freelance content writer as well as a trained and certified data scientist.


Current sessions

Artificial intelligence

"Artificial Intelligence, the art of making computers that behave like the ones in movies" - Bill Bulko.

Artificial Intelligence is no doubt the highly demanding job in the tech industry, it's the future of the world. Its applicability in numerous fields of the workspace, irrespective of either tech or non tech job is highly rational.

In the year 1956, history shown that data Science job has been in existence but because there wasn't enough data to analyze, its influence it had was very low and perhaps not really demanding. But with increment rate of population generally, there's more than enough data to analyze. Data is being released every seconds, statistics shown that data will increase from 4.4 zetabyte to 44zegabytes in 2020. The above analysis is enough evidence that AI is the futuristic tool.

You'd be surprised, why data Science in AI. Yes, AI, ML, DL, Expert systems are apparently the subpart of each other. Without having data at hand, prediction can not be made and robots can not be developed. Because it's from this analyzed data set that speeds up model for human like machines. This machines are built to mimic the features of human.

AI is being used in many areas like health, Agriculture, and the likes to integrate its efficiency. No doubt, AI is a tool that would change the world and perhaps cause a huge drop in the number of employers in the work space.

Past and future events

2 days hackathon

A public presentation of a 2 days hackathon event done by me on behalf of my team members. I did the pitching of the task.
26 Sep 2019 - 28 Sep 2019