A B Vijay Kumar

Information & Communications Technology

Manufacturing & Industrial Materials

Mobile Cloud Computig Cloud & DevOps IoT / VR Cloud Architecture iOS Software Development mobile app development Cloud Automation Cloud & Infrastructure Kubernetes OpenShift

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

A B Vijay Kumar

CTO Hybrid Cloud Management - IBM

Hybrid Cloud Management Services - is the largest business unit in IBM Services. In this role - AB is responsible in driving technology innovation, NextGen Software engineering and Platform Engineering practices, and delivery of large accounts across the industry - across the technology stack, with focus on Multi-Cloud/Hybrid/Red Hat. He is responsible to transform the AMS, by bringing in new age engineering practices. Drive the change through Cloud Application Services Delivery Unit (formally called Application Innovation Lab). AB is responsible for building the CAS delivery based on the garage practices & is responsible for the overall technical delivery.

Current sessions

Practical DataOps - Backbone for Data as a Service

DataOps is the most critical core engine for modern data management and providing Data as a Service. With Emerging Data Platform and distributed data architectures, DataOps brings in a software engineering practices to Data. This session will walk through some of the practical challenges and solutions and the overall architecture and patterns to provide Data as a Service