Adam Dymitruk

Adam Dymitruk

Author of Event Modeling, distributed systems expert, Adaptech Group CEO and Founder

Adam Dymitruk is the author of Event Modeling. The approach is revolutionizing how information systems are described. Adam is a core contributor to event sourcing and CQRS theory and practice since 2008. This included introducing PAXOS to scaling the transactional side of the approach. He is one of the top 1% contributors on StackOverflow for version control including holding one of the 2 gold badges on the subject.

Current sessions

Event Modeling - hands on

In this session, we will use traditional pen and paper as well as online tooling to collaborate using Event Modeling.

During the day-long workshop we'll collaborate to design a system in the first half.

In the second half of the day we'll implement the system.

The attendees will have follow up work at home to continue the implementation and refer to the core patterns.

Both Developers and Product Owners are good candidates for this workshop - where the product owners fill in or adjust the model during the implementation phase.

More information can be found at

Event Modeling - Designing Modern Information Systems

Event Modeling is a technique to describe any information system without resorting to multiple or complex methodologies or diagrams. It is heavily based on Specification by Example and describes an entire system within its boundaries as defined in Systems Thinking.

In this session, the attendees will learn
- how Event Modeling works
- how to organize an Event Modeling workshop
- why the approach is highly successful
- how it applies to different size of projects
- how it replaces a number of other practices
- how it applies to traditional projects
- how it applies to legacy systems

More can be read about it on