Adam Hurwitz

Adam Hurwitz

Android Consultant and Coinverse Creator

Adam believes tech ought to empower people in areas such as personal finance 💱, wellness 💪🏻, productivity 🧠, access to information 🎥, and community building 🤝🏻.

Adam is working on Coinverse, the first crypto news app featuring audiocasts. Coinverse discovers crypto news, current events, and tech updates across the universe creating audiocasts to listen to on-the-go. Prior to Coinverse, Adam was a part of the Android team at eBay and worked on Mobile Ad Partnerships at Google.

Outside of tech Adam enjoys tasting coffee from around the world and exploring health and wellness hacks. He's reached over 950K developers via StackOverflow, writing, tech talks, and open-source code,

Current sessions

Local Unit Testing: Android Unidirectional Data Flow with LiveData

Beginning to test the Coinverse app from scratch was daunting at first. Where do I begin between testing the UI and business logic? How do I handle components that work with the network responses, databases, and analytics? After modularizing the app using Android's Unidirectional Data Flow (UDF) and LiveData, writing local unit tests for the business logic became simpler. This talk covers how to use the UDF pattern with LiveData in Kotlin in order to write Junit 5 tests with MockK.

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