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Oslo, Norway

Ahmad Najjar

MVP | Senior Consultant @ Infoworker

Ahmad is an enthusiastic developer heart and soul and a senior consultant based in Oslo at Infoworker. He’s also an active co-organizer for events and hackathons.

During his 15 years of experience, He has mainly worked with Microsoft based technologies, like ASP.NET, C#, SQL and (of course) SharePoint, which is his main focus area at work, whereas he has worked with SharePoint since the beta version of MOSS 2007!

Ahmad is a subject matter expert in Power Automate and Power Apps, where "more and more" they are becoming his full-time focus areas! He is always exploring them in many ways from basic to advanced scenarios. He has also delivered countless sessions and workshops on those subjects!

Ahmad is also an expert in Azure Logic Apps, whereas he delivered enterprise scale projects using Logic Apps and delivered many sessions and workshops on the subject!

Ahmad is also fascinated with some of the cloud services in Azure; he is always exploring them in ways to take whatever we are doing to the next level.

Ahmad Najjar

Current sessions

Learn PowerApps and Microsoft Flow in a day

In this workshop you will learn PowerApps and Microsoft Flow by creating real PowerApps applications and Microsoft Flows from scratch. Bring your laptop !

In the first part of the workshop you (we) will create a very nice PowerApps application from scratch. We will give you the solution and we will create the application together. We will start from scratch. The application we will create is canevas application, but we will also give you an overview of the Model Drive app model.

The second part of the workshop will be Microsoft Flow oriented and we will follow the same approach : creating flows together, learning by doing. Here again we will start from scratch.

Flowverload: The World's Best Introduction on Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow is a PaaS offering, for automating workflows across the growing number of applications and SaaS services that business users rely on.
This session introduces Microsoft Flow and how it can help you save time, and make your business highly visible by partnering with Microsoft's growing ecosystem including O365 and SharePoint Online. It'll also demonstrate how you can create an automated workflow between your favorite O365 apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more!
This session features "Jon Levesque" a senior program manager from the product group of Microsoft Flow! Sharing Microsoft Flow's roadmap and all what's new!

Logic Apps vs Microsoft Flow: When, How and Where...

Logic Apps is an Azure cloud-based service that enables us to develop and deliver integration solutions with ease. It also helps us build, schedule, and automate processes as workflows so we can integrate apps, data, systems, and services across enterprises or organizations. However, Microsoft Flow is a SaaS offering, for automating workflows across the growing number of applications and SaaS services that business users rely on.

Given the fact that Flow was built using Logic Apps itself, and by definition they both look and do almost the same thing, choosing which to use when could be a very confusing task!

Join me into a session illustrating the differences and similarities between Logic Apps and Flow, yet splitting the difference on the Whens, Hows and Wheres.

Enrich your workplace with the Power of Apps

During this session, Ahmad and Daniel will show you how to create powerful business apps with PowerApps. They will show you all about the InfoPath replacement by showing you tips and tricks, best practices and great demos.

After attending this session, you will be able to kickstart development of your own PowerApps within SharePoint.

PowerApps: The New Forms on the Block

PowerApps is an O365 service that lets us build business apps that can run in the browser, tablet, or phone. To build PowerApps, no coding experience is required since PowerApps combines visual drag-and-drop concepts with Excel-like expressions for building the logic and working with data.

We can build PowerApps against a modern SharePoint lists or other types of data such as SQL and Excel. PowerApps also provides templates and sample data we can use to quickly build an app that we can customize to better suit our needs.

In this session, we will go through the basics of building a "PowerApp" using PowerApps Studio, and how we can build forms against modern SharePoint lists!

SharePoint Wizards: No Magic Needed, Just Use Microsoft Flow

Digital transformation is a necessity rather than a facility, and it's a result of changing the culture of work by making things easier and simpler! Office 365, including SharePoint Online provides digital tools that enable people in organizations to do their best work easier and more efficient, empowering teamwork and collaboration!

But, what if I could tell you that you can harness more powerful capabilities in SharePoint and level up your day-to-day work with no magic needed! Join me for a happy hour on how you can leverage Microsoft Flow with SharePoint Online and how it can help you save time, make things easier and simpler and do your daily work more efficiently. It also includes creating automated workflows between a variety of O365 apps and services to get notifications, collect data, approvals and more!!