Ahmed Misbah

Ahmed Misbah

Software Architect and Tech Lead

I am a Software Architect and tech lead at Orange Labs Egypt with over 10 years of experience in software development and engineering. I have been working with and applying Agile methodologies and practices since 2006, starting with Extreme Programming and most recently DevOps. Through this interesting journey, I have earned a Masters degree in Artificial Intelligence, a Big Data and Data Science diploma and a number of professional certifications including Sun Enterprise Architect, AWS Solutions Architect and Certified Scrum Master Certification.

Current sessions

Istio as an enabler for migrating monolithic applications to microservices

Migrating application architectures to microservices is considered a key area of transformation in the IT world. Modernizing legacy applications to Kubernetes-based microservices can prove to be very challenging if not planned correctly, taking into consideration the right technologies and enablers.

This presentation explains how Istio can be used as a bridge / enabler for modernizing legacy monolithic applications to microservices. Topics covered in the presentation will include:

1- Advantages of migrating to microservices and service mesh
2- Designing a microservice application based on splitting an existing monolithic application
3- Implementing microservices iteratively as a strangler fig application with Istio

Implementing FaaS on Kubernetes using Kubeless

This talk discusses implementing Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) on Kubernetes using Kubeless. FaaS is part of Serverless architectures, which offer benefits such as reduced operational and development costs and optimized scaling. Those benefits are essential for companies looking to survive the economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

The talk is organized so that it would introduce the audience to Serverless Architectures. It then covers Function-as-a-Service in details and how it is an evolution of Cloud services and Software Architectural styles. Finally, it covers Kubeless, the K8s native FaaS platform and most common FAQs on it.

How Spinnaker helped us achieve real Continuous Delivery

The purpose of this session is to present Orange Labs Egypt’s experience using Spinnaker (an open source continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes) to apply Continuous Delivery in a project based on Microservice Architecture. The session will go through the problems experienced delivering software without Spinnaker (e.g. Release Management and Application-release automation), investigations conducted that lead to choosing Spinnaker, and how Spinnaker was used to successfully solve previous issues and help achieve real Continuous Delivery.