Al Gilbert

Al Gilbert

Lives Transformed

Prior to becoming CEO of one of SF's oldest, most complex and dynamic social service agencies - Felton Institute previously known as Family Service Agency of San Francisco, I served as CFO, and then COO, joining the agency in October of 2004.

I have worked with a wide array of public, private, for-profit and nonprofit organizations in many fields. In 1982, I founded Entrepren, a management consulting firm committed to socially responsible growth and development worldwide. Working in both the United States and South Africa, Entrepren provided expertise in collaborative development and evaluation, entrepreneurial training, fiscal and operational management.

Current sessions

Transforming Salesforce Tools: Assessing change for Mental Health and Social Service Clients

During this session, you will learn how Felton Institute created a HIPAA and Medicare compliant electronic health system known as CIRCE to meet the reporting and case management needs of small and medium-sized social service not for profits. We will demonstrate how Felton uses CIRCE to track and report key client and program outcomes. In addition, we will provide an overview of a scalable feature/functions to illustrate the use of data dashboards, program profiles, and billing.