Alessandro Graps

Alessandro Graps

Web3 Architect | Solution Architect | Electronics Engineering | AI & Blockchain Expert | CTO

Web3 Architect | Solution Architect | Electronics Engineering | AI & Blockchain Expert | CTO

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Business & Management
  • Energy & Basic Resources


  • Machine Learning & AI
  • Engineering
  • Mixed Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Sciene
  • Azure
  • • Python
  • C#
  • Electronics
  • Digital Transformation
  • IIOT
  • IoT
  • Industrial IoT
  • Automotive IoT

Scaling applications with Azure Redis Cache and Machine Learning

In a multi-tier application, bottlenecks may occur at any of the connection points between two tiers: business logic and data access layers, client and service layers, presentation and storage layers, etc. Large-scale applications benefit of various levels of caching of information for improving performance and increasing scalability. Caching can be configured in memory or on some more permanent form of storage, in different size and in diverse geographic locations. The open source Redis engine, as implemented in Azure, allows for an intuitive configuration of management of all these aspects, and utilisation from a variety of programming languages.
At a private education company, our applications are used by hundreds of thousands of students and staff members daily in 150+ locations world-wide. How do we scale to this mass? How do we optimise performance across regions? This session presents design best practices and code examples for implementing the Azure Redis Cache and tuning the performance of applications, optimising cache hit ratio and reducing “miss rate” with smart algorithms processed by Machine Learning, and for automating and monitoring the deployment of the Redis cache across different tiers, persistence layers and replicated nodes.

Protect your data with SQL Server Always Encrypted with secure enclaves

Always Encrypted with secure enclaves expands confidential computing capabilities of Always Encrypted by enabling in-place encryption and richer confidential queries.
This session shows how Always Encrypted protects the confidentiality of sensitive data from malware and high-privileged unauthorized users: Database Administrators (DBAs), computer admins, cloud admins, or anyone else who has legitimate access to server instances, hardware, etc., but shouldn't have access to some or all of the actual data.

Memorie al Sicuro: Come Lifreem Utilizza l'IA per Creare Capsule Temporali Digitali

Le capsule temporali sono state usate per secoli per conservare pezzi della nostra cultura e storia. Ma come può la tecnologia moderna potenziare questa idea? Unisciti a noi per scoprire come Lifreem utilizza l'intelligenza artificiale per rivoluzionare il concetto di capsule temporali, rendendole digitali e eterne.

E2E (Extract2Extract): Automating Document Recognition & Reconciliation with AI, Azure, and .Net

Discover how the E2E project harnesses the power of AI, Azure, and .Net to revolutionize document recognition, allowing for seamless booking and reconciliation of invoices and bills. This session will provide an in-depth overview, technical insights, and real-world applications of this innovative solution.

Mixed Reality in Power Apps: How we can add mixed reality in manufacturing sector

Here I would like to explain how we can add mixed reality in our manufacturing Apps with Power Apps

Smartcities: AI and ML for people with disability: A case study

I would like to explain our real case project: We see how AI, ML and cognitive system help people with disabilities to move and to live in a smart city

Bring Intelligence to the Edge with Custom Vision

Custom Vision provides developers with the possibility to personalize the image detection and analysis service of Azure Cognitive Service, to tailor the data model to specific use cases. This session describes the architecture of the Custom Vision service to build ML image classifiers, to bulk label images with a REST API, and to train a model and use it online and offline in a "smart helmet". Trained models can also be utilized "at the edge", on devices with no live connectivity to the Cloud, offering computer vision capability to field technicians and in IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) contexts.

AI-powered Biometric Security with Azure Kinect

The Azure Kinect DK is a developer kit and PC peripheral which employs the use of artificial intelligence sensors for computer vision and speech models. This session describes a specific usage of such device to detect face and voice and use this biometric information to identify users and unlock access to buildings.

Predictive Maintenance for Industrial Automation

How implement Predicitve Maintenance with Microsoft Platform: D365 CRM, PowerBI, Azure Iot Suite, Machine Learning Studio

PowerBI: Real Time streaming information from Sensors: Real Case. Smart Helmets

In this workshop, I would like explain the way that we used in our real project. The smart helmet. Here we get information from different sensors and GPS and we see in real time on POWER BI.

IOT Integration with C# and Azure: JOULEHUB Use Case

In this session, I present how we can integrate IOT with Win 10 IOT core, C# and GrovePI

Digital Transformation: AI, AR and robots in JOULEHUB cases

I talk about the JOULEHUB real uses cases. Azure IOT, D365, Hololens, AI, AR, cognitive system, machine learning and robotics. There will be 4 cases: industry, pump, minining and genetic

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April 2024 Malvern, Pennsylvania, United States

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March 2024 Rome, Italy

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November 2023 Rome, Italy

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January 2021

Online Global AI Bootcamp - Brisbane 2020 Sessionize Event

November 2020 Brisbane, Australia

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June 2020

Alessandro Graps

Web3 Architect | Solution Architect | Electronics Engineering | AI & Blockchain Expert | CTO

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