Alessandro Sperotti

Alessandro Sperotti

Mobile Developer - Cloud Academy Inc.

Alessandro is a Mobile Developer based in Milan, Italy. He started developing on the Android platform since the very first year of university back in 2014, and never stopped since then! He is passionate about clean app architectures and discovering new technologies. Also he totally has a crush on Flutter.

Current sessions

Achieving Seamless UX: Prefetch your data with Kotlin Coroutines

With the competition we actually have in the market, superb user experience is crucial for the success and adoption of a mobile app;
Considering the very high cap that big players in the market have set, it's not easy nor obvious how to improve user experience.

A first big step towards achieving a seamless UX is definitely to avoid having the user wait for some content to be displayed - Users don't have time for that, right?

In this talk, you will learn how to leverage the power of Kotlin and the Coroutines library in order to spawn and manage multiple workers running on parallel that will prefetch your data, along with discussing the best patterns and strategies that fits best our goal, in order to achieve the final result of providing your users a seamless UX in your mobile application.

Turning an academic project into a 6000+ daily users app

When I was in my second year of university I published on the Google Play Store a small app about timezones, made for an academic assignment. The app was published just for fun. In the first months, the app barely made it to 30 installs per month. Two years and a lot of coding later, the same app has ~500 daily installs, over than 40.000 monthly users, and it is in the top 200 apps for many countries. All of this without spending a single cent on marketing. But how did this happen?

In this talk, you will know about my experience on developing this application and some tips and tricks, from app architecture and technologies to market analysis and ASO, on how to successfully develop and promote an app without spending any money for advertisement, hoping to make your app rising up on the top charts.